Global Chart Type for Dundas Chart Control

By , May 19, 2009 11:52 am

      Dundas Charts for .NET has many cool features like async callbacks, AJAX scroll and zoom, plenty of chart types and great visuals, but in some cases some of those features could turn out to be more of a burden than useful. One example – the ability to set chart type for each individual series of a chart. This offers great flexibility in building combination charts (you can display column and line on the same chart to reflect different series’ data), but you’re losing the Infragistics simplicity of just setting the chart type and binding chart to data without worrying about appearance of each individual series.
      This is especially inconvinient if you load chart appearance (including series appearance and chart type) from an external template. If you want to use chart type from the template, but feed it your own data – you’re stuck.  But there is a solution. Continue reading 'Global Chart Type for Dundas Chart Control'»

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