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Infragistics WebDataMenu flashes unexpected color on hover

By , 07/17/2014 2:44 PM

Infragistics WebDataMenu ASP.NET control comes both with predefined stylesets and allows you granularly overwrite any of the styles. For example definition like this

<ig:WebDataMenu ID="xmyMenu" runat="server" StyleSetName="Office2007Blue"
                 CssClass ="topMenuStyle" >
   <GroupSettings Orientation="Horizontal" />
   <ItemSettings CssClass="itemCssStyle" 
                 SelectedCssClass="selectedCssStyle" />  

will create a horizontal dropdown menu in default “Office 2007 Blue” styleset but allows you to overwrite individual styles via exposed CSS properties.

Let’s take a look at hover style. Continue reading 'Infragistics WebDataMenu flashes unexpected color on hover'»

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