I am a principal software engineer, currently working mostly in AWS serverless field, and coding in Terraform, CDK, TypeScript.

I also code FitBit clockfaces for fun in JavaScript and SVG.

In my spare time I like listening to classic rock, playing VR games, and riding my Mongoose Dolomite bike.

This blog is mostly about IT problems and solutions, but is occasionally sprinkled with other things.

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  1. Manas says:

    Hi yuri,
    This is Manas from India.Great blog! I happnd to stumble upon it while trying to figure out my doubts with infragistics ultrawebgrid.

    Well, i have a problem at my hands now.
    The issue is as follows(consider me a n00b to asp.net programming):

    I have a ultrawebgrid which has various cells in it. and the cell navigation using keyboard is enabled (guess the default code is working). The scenario is; when we click the mouse on a region of the page which is outside the webgrid, the cell focus should be taken off, but it is not happening so. Moreover, the focus remains, but i cant navigate through the arrow keys anymore!

    Please help me with this! I’d be eternally grateful 😛

  2. Yuriy says:

    @Manas, there’re several way of handling it, I’d try (client-side) a global “body.onclick” event and in that event check the element being clicked and if it’s not the grid – call ultrawebgrid’s DOM element’s .blur() method to force it lose focus.

  3. kiko says:

    Hi Yuriy,
    I come across at your site and I find it useful.
    Are there material about converting ultrawebgrid to webhierarchicaldatagrid. I find there are little resources on the web, even at infragistics website. The help support of infragistics is not very useful. Apart from the help support, it remains the API about webhierarchicaldatagrid only. There are not much examples about webhierarchicaldatagrid on the web. Could you assist me.

  4. Yuriy says:

    @kiko True, Infragistics is know for their lack of proper documentation. However they do provide this cheat sheet useful for converting UltraWebGrid to WebDataGrid and WHDG:


    Just lookup a behavior you need and see examples of implementation.

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