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It’s official: Google is taking over the world

By , 07/08/2009 3:40 PM

Google OS rumored so much over the last year or so finally is becoming a reality. And it’s going to be open-source, based on Chrome browser and Linux kernel, no less. Browser based OS, completely dependant on the Internet and with all the data stored in Google cloud.. I think I am sticking with my Windows 7 for now.

Correcting “ASP.NET AJAX client-side framework failed to load” error

By , 07/08/2009 11:40 AM

If you’re trying to use ASP.NET AJAX features (like Script Manager or Update Panel) in your ASP.NET 3.x website and getting “ASP.NET AJAX client-side framework failed to load” error, chances are your Web.config file is missing required sections. Fastest way to correct this is to create a new ASP.NET website in Visual Studio (you can delete it afterwards) and copy missing sections from the new web.config to the one in your web site.

Update: As churawut pointed out missing .AXD mapping in IIS configuration is another common source of this error (often this is done as security hardening on the IIS).  I encountered it while researching missing images in ASP.NET charts, and found out that underlying reason was missing/corrupt .AXD mapping in IIS.

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