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Remove namespaces from Xpath expression

If you ever need to remove namespaces from an XPath string, regex is a way to go. [\w]+:(?!:) expression to be precise. So if, for example your xpath is

Dim sXpath as String = "/ns1:ElementOne/ElementTwo/ns2:ElementThree"

this code

Regex.Replace(sXpath, "[\w]+:(?!:)", "")

will convert it into


Thanks Bogdan Emil Mariesan @ Stack Overflow for the solution

Locate exact match using UltraWebGrid’s client-side “.find()” method

Infragistics UltraWebGrid offers extensive client-side Object model and objects at several level of hierarchy offer “.find” method to locate cell with specific data. For example to locate a cell with specific text in a specific column – following code can be used:

//Find cell in first grid column with text "67" 
var oGrid = igtbl_getGridById('xmyGrid')
var iLookUpValue = '67'
var oFoundCell =  oGrid.Bands[0].Columns[0].find(iLookUpValue, false)

This works, but unfortunately the “.find” method searches for cell’s text instead of value, thus finding any partial match. In the example above cells with values 567, 671 etc. will be found which is no good in many cases, for example when you’re looking for a numeric ID.

Fortunately the “.find” method accepts regular expression as a search parameter. The solution is to apply “^…$” RegEx expression to perform exact match. So if we change the last line in the code above to:

var oFoundCell =  oGrid.Bands[0].Columns[0].find('^' + iLookUpValue + '$', false)

only exact match will be searched for.

JavaScript IsDate(): Validate date according browser locale

In one of my recent projects I needed to validate whether user’s input is a valid date, and this needed to be done client-side, in browser prior submission to the server. Lazy as I am, I Googled for a ready-to-use code snippet. There’re plenty of versions out there, but most of them offer incomplete solution and none of them take into account browser locale, you know – the language settings:

So I decided to cook something of my own Continue reading →

FileUpload and htmlfile: Access is denied error

If you use ASP.NET FileUpload control or <INPUT TYPE=”FILE” HTML> control in Internet Explorer on Windows XP SP2 or later, trying to enter file path manually may cause “htmlfile: Access is denied error” error if entered string is not well formed local or UNC path.

The reason is that the control in Internet Explorer after version 6 in Windows XP SP2 does not allow relative path and if the form is submitted via Javascript form.submit method (like for example a __doPostback() call in ASP.NET) you will get untrappable error from above, if the form is submitted by an <INPUT TYPE=”SUBMIT> button you won’t get any notice at all.

The way to work around this issue is to catch invalid file name prior form being sumbitted. Add onclick event to your submitting button (OnClientClick if this is ASP.NET server side button) and add following code to it:

onclick=”if (!FilePathIsValid()) return false;”

then add following JavaScript function to your code:

function FilePathIsValid() {
 var reg = /^(([a-zA-Z]:)|(\))(\{1}|((\{1})[^\]([^/:<>”|]*))+)$/g
 if (!reg.test(document.getElementById(‘xfuFile’).value)) {
    alert(‘Please enter valid file path’);
    return false
 } else
   return true

where ‘xfuFile’ is the name of your FileUpload control. The function uses Jens K. Suessmeyer’s RegEx Expression to test if the file path is well formed. If it’s not – user gets error message and the form is not submitted.