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WebDialogWindow – removing IFRAME border in IE

By , 07/10/2009 2:49 PM

Infragistics WebDialogWindow control is a flexible and lightweight AJAX dialog control designed to look and feel like standard Windows dialogs. One of its neat features – it allows to load the content from an external URL. In that case it renders the content inside of an IFRAME, which is all good and well, but leaves an ugly default iframe border.

Browsers like FireFox can remediate this by simple setting the “frameborder” attribute of the content pane IFRAME element:

function showDialog() {      
    var oDialog = $find('xwdwMyDialog')
    var oDialogContent = oDialog.get_contentPane();
    var oDialogIFrame = oDialogContent.get_iframe();

    // Removing IFRAME border in FireFox
    oDialogIFrame.setAttribute('frameborder', '0');


but unfortunatelly this doesn’t work in IE. Continue reading 'WebDialogWindow – removing IFRAME border in IE'»

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