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Infragistics UltraWebTab: Accessing Tab Separator in client-side JavaScript

By , 10/14/2009 1:08 PM

I am using Infragistics UltraWebTab and needed to hide a tab and a tab separator located next to it using client-side JavaScript.  Hiding tab is pretty trivial. Assuming we gave it a key:

<igtab:Tab Key="MyTab" Text="My tab">

The code to hide the tab is:

var uwTabControl = igtab_getTabById('xuwMyTabControl');
var tab = uwTabControl.tabFromKey('MyTab');

I tried to access separator in the same way but it didn’t work. You can assign it a key, but “fromKey” method works only server-side for separators. Using client-side Tabs array of UltraWebTab didn’t work either – it contains only actual tabs, not separators. But turned out you can access the separator using a little DOM and HTML
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