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WordPress MU: Delete Empty Posts

By , 12/11/2009 4:29 PM

Sometimes I bring information to a couple of my other WordPress blogs via RSS feed. It’s a nice feature, allowing you to create several posts at once without manual entry. Unfortunately if RSS feed is broken or improperly formatted it can result in blank posts imported into the blog.

I was looking for a WordPress plugin that would allow me to mass-delete empty posts, but apparently none exist. You can delete posts based on date, tags, category, but not the content. Fortunately if you have access to phpMyAdmin of your MySQL installation – there is a solution. Continue reading 'WordPress MU: Delete Empty Posts'»

Google Easter Egg. December 2009

By , 12/11/2009 10:10 AM

This is December of 2009 and Google has an interesting Easter Egg in its Search page. If you leave the search field blank and click “I am feeling lucky” button Google displays countdown in large numbers:

From the looks of it it’s a countdown to New 2010 Year. It’s coming 🙂

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