T-SQL String DeAggregate (Split, Ungroup) in SQL Server

By , April 25, 2012 4:49 pm

A while back I posted a simple way to aggregate strings in SQL Server, but what if your task is opposite – you have a character-separated string values in your fields and you need to slice them into separate rows? Consider following scenario, you have a table:

CREATE TABLE #Employees (Country varchar(50), FirstNames varchar(50))

INSERT INTO #Employees(Country,FirstNames) 
	 VALUES ('UK','Anne,Michael,Robert,Steven')
INSERT INTO #Employees(Country,FirstNames)
     VALUES ('USA','Andrew,Janet,Laura,Margaret,Nancy')

SELECT Country, FirstNames FROM #Employees

That looks like this

Country  FirstNames
UK       Anne,Michael,Robert,Steven
USA      Andrew,Janet,Laura,Margaret,Nancy

and now you need to split FirstNames so that every FirstName is displayed on separate row. Continue reading 'T-SQL String DeAggregate (Split, Ungroup) in SQL Server'»

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