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Full control of your Limitless LED/Milight bulbs from Amazon Echo

By , 05/12/2016 11:34 AM

Limitless LED Limitless LED offers full color RGBW light bulbs that you can control over Wi-Fi/4G from your computer, phone or smartwatch. They’re an inexpensive alternative to Philips Hue and they look really cool.
But I, being lazy ass that I am, was wondering if you can control the lights from Amazon Echo by voice commands alone. Out of the box Echo and Limitless LED don’t recognize each other. Amazon can see and control Hue, but not Limitless LED. Fortunately geniuses of BWS Systems came up with a really cool piece of software – home automation bridge “HA-Bridge”. It’s free and written in Java so it can run pretty much in any environment under any OS. What it does – it emulates Philips Hue API so other devices on your network – like Echo – can see and interact with it.

It’s pretty easy to run and configure and it has a tab in UI where you can manually add any device unsupported out of the box. All you have to do is give your device a name and specify which commands to send to device for ON, OFF and DIM requests. Commands can be scripts or simple TCP/UDP data sent directly to the IP/port of your device. Here’s where Limitless LED API comes very handy. According to it – all you have to do to control your bulbs is send set of specific bytes to the IP of your WiFi bridge. For example to Turn ON lights in Zone 1 you have to send hex sequence 45, 00, 55. To turn them OFF – the sequence is 46, 00, 55. To set specific brightness level – first you need to send ON sequence and then 4E, <brighness level>, 55. This resulted in following manual config:


Note that I gave this device name “Lights” – I did it for shortness, but you can call it “Living Room Lights” or “Office Lights” or whatever you want – this is the name Amazon Echo will recolonize the device by. Before using newly added device you need to tell Echo to find it: “Alexa, discover devices”. Once discovery is finished you can issue command for your <device name>. In my case – “Alexa, turn lights ON”, “Alexa, brighten lights to 10”, “Alexa, dim lights to 2”, “Alexa, turn lights off”. Magic.

This is all fine and good – but you have full color lights. And you want to be able to control colors as well. But both Echo and HA-Bridge API support only basic On/Off/Dim commands. What to do? Why not add another device for color control? According to Limitless LED API to control color you need to issue command 40, <color code>, 55. To reset it back to white the command is C5, 00, 55 (note that these will differ per group/zone – mentioned are command for Zone 1). Hence comes this setup:


Here <color code> = 60 “green”. Note that I call this device “Green Light”, so now I can issue command “Alexa, turn green light ON”. Command “Alexa, turn green light OFF will reset color to white. DIM command set up previously works on colors as well. Don’t forget you need to tell Alexa to discover devices after you add new ones.

Using this approach you can control as many colors as you want or even pass color number to bulbs directly. Again – magic.

UPDATE: 02/2017 Here’s a better resolution screenshot. It also features newer v4.x version of HA-Bridge with more streamlined UI (e.g you no longer have to bundle multiple URLs into JSON arrays).

If you have any questions or would like to share some hacks, please with our forum.

82 Responses to “Full control of your Limitless LED/Milight bulbs from Amazon Echo”

  1. Renji says:

    Got it, was on the wron group!

  2. Thijs Bink says:

    Okay so, I have the wifi Ibox (the newer one which is a light in itself). Do i need the wifi controller (the flat one), and will that one work with the lights i already have (which are probably the newer ones as well). I have the HA-bridge installed, on my Rpi 3B and it works. The UDP commands don’t work, i tried udp:// (.17 is the ip of my Ibox). But it fails.

    Can someone please help me??!!

  3. Thijs Bink says:

    I’m confused. It’s not clear which controller is which. According to me there are a couple of things. You have the IBox-lamp V6 (which is a wifi controller???). You have the Ibox v6 (which should be the same only without the lamp??). And you have the Wifi box (whatever that is).

    My question is: I have the Ibox-lamp v6 and 4 Milight RGBWW lamps that work with this Ibox. Only I want them controlled through my Echo dot using HA-bridge (on my Rpi 3). I understand fro mthe comments that the Ibox-lamp v6 doesn’t support all this. What do I need in order for this article above to work?

    Thank you in advance!!


  4. Timbiotic says:

    Download the app Muzzley and see if it works with v6 (works with echo dot without bridge) . Otherwise you will need v2 controller. I got mine here but showing unavailable so you can search eBay or look for one that is similar. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I4F1ALA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  5. Dexteryout says:

    AFAIK you will need the older slim boxes, I now have 4 of them , and each of the 4 rooms has its own box. All the commands work well in terms of on and off, but i’m struggling with the dimming part and the white to warm change. I had the newer boxes, and just couldn’t get it to work.

  6. Thijs Bink says:

    Thank you Timbiotic for your quick response!

    I tried AP and Smart link mode in the v6 controller but it doesn’t seem to work either way. I like the app though, and it surely works with Alexa (echo dot).

    What I can understand from your reply is that you have a v2 controller (right?), and that one works with the app? If so, would my (v6) lights work with a v2 controller. Someone who can confirm that?

    Thanks for all the help guys.

    Kind of a newby here 🙂


  7. Piers Molenaar says:

    Do I need the wifi box or wifi controller to do this

  8. Piers Molenaar says:

    Guys how do I add HA-Bridge anyone have a link?

  9. Rene says:

    Hey Yuriy!
    Thank you for this great Infos.
    I got my Milight working….but only on/off
    the print Pic has so bad resolution that i can not clery see if you use ( or [ or {…….
    pleas can you add the DIM URL again.
    Thank you again

  10. Yuriy says:

    @Rene here is a better resolution. This one uses newer version of HA Bridge, you don’t have to bundle multiple URLs together anymore. I am also using intensity.math here as suggested by someone in these comments

  11. Yuriy says:

    PSA: There have been so many comments here, people helping each other and this post comment is no longer convenient venue. I’ve created a forum, where discussion should be easier.

  12. Dexteryout says:

    Link for the forum does not seem to work.

    Could you explain how you get the dimming part ot work, as there is one code to dim and another to brighten, so how is this achieved?

  13. Yuriy says:

    @Dexteryout Yeah, my hosting just dropped dead – their timing is amazing. Hopefully will be back soon.

    Only one set of code is needed for both. Dimness/Brightness is controlled by number you tell Alexa (in my screenshot example above its 0-100). So you can tell Alexa “Brighten desk light to 90” or “Dim desk light to 10”. “Brighten” and “Dim” are interchangeable and used just for convinience – “Brighten” to bigger number, “Dim” for smaller.

  14. Dexteryout says:

    Thanks Yuriy, will give it a go

  15. Dexteryout says:

    hmm does not seem to want to work??


  16. Yuriy says:

    @Dexteryout Your 1st URL should be the same as your ON command, can you verify if it’s correct for the group?

    Also second URL should start with 0x4E – this is code to pass raw brightness number.

  17. Thijs Bink says:

    Hi Piers Molenaar!

    I personally used a rpi 3 for this project (I don’t know any other ways). You can use this link http://xbmcnut.blogspot.nl/2016/10/installing-ha-bridge-on-your-raspberry.html (google Install habridge on rpi3, and take XBMCnut link). It’s a very simple process which uses some very simple command lines. Unfortunately I’m not able to help you with the udp codes, and if you use a v6 controller like me. You might not be able to get it all working. I’m still waiting for the conformation that the v6 lamps will work with a wifi controller.

    Kind regards


  18. Piers Molenaar says:

    Timbiotic you are a life saver i tried for 2 days now to download bridge and now it works with muzzley

  19. timbiotic says:

    Good to hear! Just a heads up, with muzzley use common names like bedroom or living room in you muzzley app. I tried a non common one and it didnt work well until i switched to bedroom.

  20. Yuriy says:

    @timbiotic – Curious about Muzzley – does it always need to be running (on the phone etc.) for connection to work?

    E.g. now my Echo speaks to HA Bridge, HA Bridge in turn sends UDP commands to Limitless LED bridge, and finally Limitless LED bridge sends commands to the bulbs.

    How does it work with Muzzley if I don’t need either bridges?

  21. timbiotic says:

    I believe it works like harmony and yonomi where you create an online account and the cloud controls your devices. I have yonomi controlling my philips hue gen 1 light colors since echo only works with gen 2 for colors. So no, your phone is not required once it is setup. Basically your phone or ipad is to configure the policies in the cloud. You can verify this by killing your internet and trying to see if muzzley still works. I know my harmony and yonomi die when internet is down. I havent tested muzzley.

  22. Yuriy says:

    @timbiotic That is pretty cool, tnx for clarification. Can Muzzley control colors too, something like “Set living room lights green”? Or only on/off/brightness?

  23. Thijs Bink says:


    What gen milights do you have? Can anyone verify that v6 lights are compatible with earlier versions?

    Kind regards,


  24. timbiotic says:

    Yury It can do colors too. And i believe the lights i have are v5 they are normal light bulb shapes, i think v6 look like philips shape right? From what I have read only the newer controllers work with the newer lights.

  25. Yuriy says:

    @timbiotic God, I really hope forum site will be restored soon, have soo many questions 🙂 Sorry to bother you.

    Would you recommend Muzzley or Yonomi – what is advantage or disadvantage of each? Also, if I disconnect all bridges and rely only on the cloud – does it mean standalone remote controls will stop working?


  26. timbiotic says:

    Standalone remotes still work. I have them in my kids room until i decide to get another echo dot. So far I dont think Yonomi does milight/limitlessled. But when they do I would go with them. They have a cleaner interface and much more intuitive routine interface. Plus the yonomi skill you can say “turn on” without the longer “tell muzzley to …. ” I have actually requested that Harmony add Milight which would be awesome. Even pointed them at the developer page. Maybe if more people request it they might do it https://community.logitech.com/s/feed/0D531000050zbnyCAA

  27. Thijs Bink says:

    Guys I got an alternative. Check out IFTTT app in the play or apple store. I had a chat with Milight customer service and they say that they are working together to get an milight applet on IFTTT which works with a whole deal of other applications, like mail, twitter, alexa (and hundreds more). Just wanted to share this info with you guys. Since you helped me a lot too!

  28. timbiotic says:

    I just check and there is no Milight applet. Is it called something else, or yet to be released?

  29. Thijs Bink says:

    No it’s yet to be released, I have already tried to find out when. Only thing i know is that they are working on it.

  30. Yuriy says:

    Ok Tried Muzzley – it’s pretty cool, but device naming is convoluted, yes. Also sometimes there’re delay in the action. For now switching back to ha-bridge.

    Oh, btw, forum is now live, please feel free to post questions and suggestions there: http://galanter.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=2

  31. Reid Neville says:

    Okay, so first off I’d like to add my 2 cents to this mix since milight and habridge integration is near and dear to my heart.

    On the subject of Muzzley. I don’t know why this app is being plugged. It’s a smartphone only install and that’s weak. I recommend Domoticz or OpenHab2, both of which can be installed to a raspberry pi and run constantly on a home network. I personally run Domoticz because it’s way way easier to install and get running. OpenHab supposedly has more options but I apparently fail that IQ test as of writing this.

    OP I’d like to thank you for the idea to do straight commands from ha-bridge to get nightlight mode working that was the one thing I still struggled with. Otherwise I have 100% milight integration with my echo, colors and all. Even further, I’ve programmed switches and motion detectors that activate programmed instances through Domoticz. No more looking for my switch when I need to poo.

  32. Thijs Bink says:

    @Reid Neville
    What version of Milights are you working with in your home. Would Domoticz or Openhab 2 work with the Milight v6 bulbs?

    P.s. For the people who are still curious, no news from the milight company about the IFTTT apllet for milight.

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