CheckListBox to comma-separated string

Today I needed to do a simple thing: Combine selected values of .NET CheckListBox control into a comma separated string. I am lazy, so I decided to Google for a ready-to-use piece of code. Sure enough there’re tons of those. But all of them involve looping through control items, checking IF item is selected, then […]

Showing ALL filters in UltraWebGrid with paging

If you’re using Infragistics classic UltraWebGrid with LoadOnDemand not set and paging enabled, getting column filters to work can be tricky. By default clicking on Filter icon will display column data from current page only, ignoring other pages. To make it work you have to take matter in your own hands – populate filter data […]

Group By and Aggregates in .NET DataTable

Often there is a need to perform group by operations on in-memory .NET data tables. You can’t run a standard SQL statement and LINQ is not available prior version 3.0 of .NET. To compensate for this shortcoming I put together a small function that works in .NET 2.0. As input parameters it accepts source DataTable, […]