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UltraWebGridExcelExporter: Export more than 65536 rows

When exporting data from Infragistics UltraWebGrid into Excel using UltraWebGridExcelExporter ordinary a very basic code similar to this is used:

' define Exporter "xMyExporter"
' define UltraWebGrid "xMyGrid" and load grid with data, then:
xMyExporter.ExportMode = UltraWebGrid.ExcelExport.ExportMode.Download

That’s it. But, if your data exceed 65536 rows you will get an error:

System.InvalidOperationException: The maximum number of rows in an excel worksheet with the current format is: 65536

This is not Excel Exporter limitation. Continue reading →

Opening SpreadsheetML 2003 in Excel 2010

If you’re trying to open an Excel 2003 XML file (SpreadsheetML) in Excel 2010 and getting “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened” error, try opening that file in WordPad (it will open as text XML) and save it back. Now try opening it in Excel 2010 again. You will still get “The file you’re trying to open is in a different format than specified by the file extension” warning, but after that the file should open.