WebHierarchicalDataGrid: Manual Load on Demand when bound to DataSet

By , December 23, 2010 10:59 am

Even though I have my issues with Infragistics WebHierarchicalDataGrid control, it has some neat features and I found that with some tweaks you can make it work.

Case in point: Manual Load on Demand. If you have hierarchical data structure, it allows you to retrieve only root level data and then when user clicks “Expand” arrow – get additional data on as needed basis:

Manual Load on Demand in action

This is achieved by handling RowIslandsPopulating grid’s event in which you can run a DB query based on parent row data, then manually create a ContainerGrid object bind it to the data and add it to parent row RowIslands collection:

Protected Sub myGrid_RowIslandsPopulating(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ContainerRowCancelEventArgs) Handles myGrid_.RowIslandsPopulating

     e.Cancel = True

     Dim oData as SomeDataType = GetData()
     Dim oChildGrid As New ContainerGrid()


     oChildGrid.DataKeyFields = "SOME_ID"
     oChildGrid.Level = e.Row.Level + 1
     oChildGrid.DataSource = oData

End Sub

For this approach to work top-level rows need to display “Expand” arrows that user can click. Continue reading 'WebHierarchicalDataGrid: Manual Load on Demand when bound to DataSet'»

Comcast Sucks.

By , November 23, 2010 5:54 pm

Yes I know, it has been said before number of times. I personally had a misfortune to have them as my provider, so I had a close encounter with the quality of their service.

But today they broke their own record in stupidity. A company I work for suddenly lost internet connection. Turned out they disconnected our service for non-payment! They say they had send a paper bill via snail mail. We never received the bill. So, instead of calling us asking what happened, instead of emailing us (we live in the 21st century for Cochrane sake!) they simply pulled the plug. On a business, causing numerous interruptions and LOB.

Good thing Droid phones allow tethering and some of us were saved by Verizon 3G. I think it’s time for FIOS

Auto-size columns in Infragistics WebDataGrid

By , November 15, 2010 3:52 pm

Ever wished your WebDataGrid could have Table Layout = Auto like old UltraWebGrid? Then it could automatically resize columns width to data width with respect line breaks. Well, it can, and in style (pan intended). Thanks to Infragistics tech-support for starting me in the right direction – here’s first 2 steps that need to be taken:

  1. Don’t set column width property – either default or for specific column either in server-side code or declaratively and don’t set grid’s width property
  2. Open your grid CSS class file, it’s located at ~/ig_res/[Your Style Name]/ig_dataGrid.css.
    Locate tbody.igg_[Your Style Name]Item>tr>td class and add one more line at the end: white-space:nowrap. Here is an example with Office 2007 Style:

    	border-right:solid 1px #D0D7E5;
    	border-bottom:solid 1px #D0D7E5;
    	padding:2px 5px 2px 5px;
    	height: 18px;
    	overflow: hidden;

Run your project – you will get a nicely autoresized grid columns:

WebDataGrid with autosized columns

But there’s one problem with this approach. Continue reading 'Auto-size columns in Infragistics WebDataGrid'»

ASP.NET button doesn’t fire UpdatePanel Async Postback (solution)

By , November 4, 2010 9:17 am

If you’re trying to use a standard ASP.NET button control as a trigger for your AJAX UpdatePanel’s async postback – and it doesn’t fire, try setting button’s UseSubmitBehavior property to False. This will render button as a standard button with __doPostback() call instead of Submit button in HTML markup and will solve your problem.

WebDataGrid: Custom drag and drop columns when Colum Moving behavior is enabled

By , October 30, 2010 9:16 am

Infragistics Aikido WebDataGrid offers a nice built-in ColumnMoving behavior. When enabled – it allows user to drag columns to change their order:

WebDataGrid with ColumnMoving behavior enabled

But what if you want to keep this behavior and add your own custom column drag-and-drop? For example to create your own column grouping, since WebHierarchicalDataGrid doesn’t handle grouping well.

In this post I will describe a simple technique how to both keep behavior shown above and implement custom column drag-and-drop:

WebDataGrid with custom column drag-and-drop
Continue reading 'WebDataGrid: Custom drag and drop columns when Colum Moving behavior is enabled'»

WebHierarchicalDataGrid: Not ready for prime-time

By , October 21, 2010 9:00 am

I had high hopes for Infragistics Web Hierarchical Data Grid control. Especially in NetAdvantage 10.3 release (current as of this post). Control from Aikido Framework, build on AJAX from ground up, lightweight and fast – I was really excited.

Unfortunately it didn’t turned out exactly as I expected.

First – WHDG cannot bind to a flat ADO.NET data table. Why, you ask, I need to bind flat data to an hierarchical control? Well, it’s the only grid in Aikido that supports OutlookGroupBy mode and I need to be able to group my flat data. But attempt to bind WHDG to DataTable throws an enigmatic InvalidOperationException without giving any clue as why. There’s a workaround – to create a dummy DataSet, add the table to it and bind control to the dataset – but that’s just silly. And that’s not the worst of it. Continue reading 'WebHierarchicalDataGrid: Not ready for prime-time'»

Locate exact match using UltraWebGrid’s client-side “.find()” method

By , October 7, 2010 4:18 pm

Infragistics UltraWebGrid offers extensive client-side Object model and objects at several level of hierarchy offer “.find” method to locate cell with specific data. For example to locate a cell with specific text in a specific column – following code can be used:

//Find cell in first grid column with text "67" 
var oGrid = igtbl_getGridById('xmyGrid')
var iLookUpValue = '67'
var oFoundCell =  oGrid.Bands[0].Columns[0].find(iLookUpValue, false)

This works, but unfortunately the “.find” method searches for cell’s text instead of value, thus finding any partial match. In the example above cells with values 567, 671 etc. will be found which is no good in many cases, for example when you’re looking for a numeric ID.

Fortunately the “.find” method accepts regular expression as a search parameter. The solution is to apply “^…$” RegEx expression to perform exact match. So if we change the last line in the code above to:

var oFoundCell =  oGrid.Bands[0].Columns[0].find('^' + iLookUpValue + '$', false)

only exact match will be searched for.

Custom grouping in classic Infragistics UltraWebGrid

By , August 24, 2010 3:54 pm

Infragistics UltraWebGrid offers a nice grouping feature: when the grid is in OutlookGroupBy mode, you can group similar data with very little coding required, you can go from this view:
Before Grouping
to this:
After Grouping
by just dragging columns to designated area.

But what if you want to group by first letter of a name or a year of a date? New WebHierarchicalDataGrid control offers this functionality after 10.2 release of Infragistics NetAdvantage, but if you invested years of work in classic UltraWebGrid – it’s not easy to move to a brand new control cold turkey. There’re other methods that offer custom grouping for UltraWebGrid, but the ones I found were pretty convoluted (like create a hidden column, populate it with data to group by etc.) Here is a simpler approach. Continue reading 'Custom grouping in classic Infragistics UltraWebGrid'»

Error using Crystal Reports 2008 in ASP.NET application on 64bit server

By , August 13, 2010 8:27 am

If you’re using Crystal Reports 2008 in your ASP.NET application, and after deploying to a 64bit server getting following error:

An error has occurred while attempting to load the Crystal Reports runtime. Either the Crystal Reports registry key permissions are insufficient, or the Crystal Reports runtime is not installed correctly. Please install the appropriate Crystal Reports redistributable (CRRedist*.msi) containing the correct version of the Crystal Reports runtime (x86, x64, or Itanium) required. Please go to http://www.businessobjects.com/support for more information.

then switch your application to 32bit mode. In case of Windows 2003/IIS6 entire server will have to be switched, in case of Windows 2008/IIS7 a dedicated 32bit application pool can be established for your application.

Ultrawebgrid: Highlight row on MouseOver with Selection enabled

By , August 9, 2010 12:38 pm

A while back I posted a method to highlight rows on mouse over in Infragistics UltraWebGrid. Over the time turned out that it had several limitations the main being: if you enable additional styling for some elements of the grid, they’re not preserved after mouse-over/mouse-out events. For example if you set a SelectedRowStyleDefault property with a different background and then move mouse over a selected row – that style will be removed.

So, here’s a complete solution to work around that limitation: Continue reading 'Ultrawebgrid: Highlight row on MouseOver with Selection enabled'»

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