Comcast Sucks.

Yes I know, it has been said before number of times. I personally had a misfortune to have them as my provider, so I had a close encounter with the quality of their service.

But today they broke their own record in stupidity. A company I work for suddenly lost internet connection. Turned out they disconnected our service for non-payment! They say they had send a paper bill via snail mail. We never received the bill. So, instead of calling us asking what happened, instead of emailing us (we live in the 21st century for Cochrane sake!) they simply pulled the plug. On a business, causing numerous interruptions and LOB.

Good thing Droid phones allow tethering and some of us were saved by Verizon 3G. I think it’s time for FIOS

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  1. I am sorry that this happened to your company. How many months were unpaid? I work for Comcast and I want to help in making sure that this does not happen again. If you can have the person in charge of your company’s billing to contact me, I will make sure that this is looked into.

    Please contact us and provide account info and a link to this page on your reply.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. That’s totally why I work at and have DISH Network. They give always give me plenty of notices for bill. They understand that life is busy and they will send email, leave messages, and show little posts on my TV. And then I can just go online at to pay my bill. I really love DISH!

  3. I made it clear, in my initial chat to get everything set up (the $99 2-year package) was to get my phone # ported over from Vonage. The rep in the chat said that it was underway. It wasn’t. I called in on 8/31, spoke with Operator LGY who said that there was an error & was going to resubmit the process & call me today, 9/4. He did not. I called in yet again today and spoke to a manager who said that he would have a rep call me back to get the port re initiated YET AGAIN. They did not. Comcast simply does not care about their customers. They lie, they overpromise, and they have simply forgotten what it means to provide customer service. I inquired about switching away from them at one point last year and all of the sudden when I hung up, my internet was disconnected and I went through 3 hours of troubleshooting to get it up and running again. They simply do not care, they are vindictive and retaliatory – THEY DO NOT CARE!!!!! If there’s a problem, they won’t call you back or email you. If they say they will follow up with you, THEY WILL NOT. THEY DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am FINALLY making headway, after nearly 3 weeks since my initial setup, of getting my phone # ported over from Vonage. Unbelievable. Your story is absolutely terrible. I myself own a business and if I treated my customers this way, I would be out of business. They have grown bloated and fat and lazy…they try to trap you in voice mail and online chats so that they don’t have to actually talk to you, it’s ridiculous. A little secret I learned when calling in, press “0” 3x even after the voice prompt lady says “that’s not a valid option” and you’ll be directed to customer service. COMCAST SUCKS!!!!!!!! To further illustrate how sneaky they are: I always pay my bill on time and usually pay over what is due in the event that in some future month I might be able to skip a bill. I had a $66 credit on my bill. When I complained about all these problems (multiply so), they gave me a credit for one month of $125. But in doing so, they swallowed up my existing credit of $66. So basically, I’ve paid them $66 and they just conveniently “forgot about it”, thinking that I wouldn’t notice. UNBELIEVABLE GALL!!!! I totally WISH there would be a class-action lawsuit. I see these commercials about the “Comcast” guarantee and just laugh and shake my head, incredulous. And now they’re trying to hide behind the new name “XFinity” – like no one knows that that’s actually Comcast. Give me a break. Lord, PLEASE bring Verizon Fios to Seattle NOW and I will be customer NUMERO UNO.

  4. @Ryan I feel your pain. Hopefully you get FIOS soon, I’ve been with Verizon for all 4 services (FIOS TV, Inetnet, landline and wireless) and I am loving it.

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