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ABCMouse.com contact number is 800-633-3331

By , 02/07/2013 11:50 AM

ABCMouse.com offers teaching games for kids. Some like them, some don’t – it’s a matter of taste and preference. What really sucks about the site is their contacts – they never respond to emails, and online contact form isn’t of much use either. And nowhere on the site they list phone number for a contact.

Fortunately such number does exist:


And when you call it, surprisingly, you get to speak to a live person, who resolves your problems pretty quickly.


I feel really silly posting this disclaimer, but due to numerous comments here it is: I am in no way associated with ABCMouse.com. I myself had a bad experience with their service and when I found their direct phone number I decided to share it with the others to spare them the frustration I went through. So, again, I am not charging your card, I cannot cancel your account, please CONTACT THE COMPANY VIA NUMBER ABOVE!


Since visitors here continue to complain and ask advice, I decided to open a message board (forum) where users can exchange experiences and ask for advice.

  1. Please register first: http://forum.galanter.net/ucp.php?mode=register
  2. And login to post question/answers here: http://forum.galanter.net/viewforum.php?f=4

Never mind.

363 Responses to “ABCMouse.com contact number is 800-633-3331”

  1. Jonathan Puharic says:

    I do not know who set this up but I need to cancel my account

  2. Sheree Jackson says:

    I signed up for this, how do I unsubscribe? Its supposed to Be free for the 1st month and 7.95 a month and once That month is up. Well when I put my card info in it don’t give the option for anything but pay for a year or this or that. I want to unsubscribe now! What a rip off.

  3. Teodora Peneleu says:

    I forgot my email and password. I want to use a different email. I been trying to contact the abc mouse company but nobody answers.. can someone please help me to update my information. Thank you Teodora Peneleu

  4. Hi good evening I want to cancel my account I had read that it was 0 on the thing and I got charged how do I get my $ pur back on my card? Not interested in it please n thank u.

  5. Eman Jacob says:

    You guys have been charging me for four years without my permission. I didn’t renew. How come you keep charging me and as I see too many people as well? This website should refund people’s money, or get banned. You can’t expect people to use the same website for years without canceling at some point. It’s a website for preschoolers, so it maybe used for one or two years the maximum, but not forever.

  6. Donna Church says:

    I want to cancel my account. I am SO pissed that they took money from my account without me authorizing it!!! CANCEL!!!!!!!

  7. Dennis Irwin Greenwood or Dennis Irwin Bywater says:

    I request that you immediately cancel my account for either dgreenwood333@gmail or stormy650@yahoo.com. which is either Dennis Irwin Greenwood III or Dennis Irwin Bywater. Also or Robert J Bywater

  8. Dennis Irwin Greenwood or Dennis Irwin Bywater says:

    From what i have read you are a glorified thief, you had better return my $7. 95 immediately you crooks.

  9. Mary montes says:

    Janryan09@msn.com. I have tried to cancel my membership last month but it didn’t let me. Please, give a me call and leave a message if I’m not answering your call. Or maybe just cancel my membership and let me its been cancelled. Thank you.

  10. Dhelma Tullao says:

    I have cancelled my account and unsubscribed from this app. I have cancelled it 2 months ago and I am still being billed. I am not sure why I am getting billed for a product that I haven’t used. Please fix this. Thank you.

  11. Sonya Phillips says:

    I want to unsubscribe from abc mouse they charge me 40 dollars suppose to been 7.95 I don’t want it no more

  12. Yuriy says:


  13. Yuriy says:


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