contact number is 800-633-3331

By , February 7, 2013 11:50 am offers teaching games for kids. Some like them, some don’t – it’s a matter of taste and preference. What really sucks about the site is their contacts – they never respond to emails, and online contact form isn’t of much use either. And nowhere on the site they list phone number for a contact.

Fortunately such number does exist:


And when you call it, surprisingly, you get to speak to a live person, who resolves your problems pretty quickly.


I feel really silly posting this disclaimer, but due to numerous comments here it is: I am in no way associated with I myself had a bad experience with their service and when I found their direct phone number I decided to share it with the others to spare them the frustration I went through. So, again, I am not charging your card, I cannot cancel your account, please CONTACT THE COMPANY VIA NUMBER ABOVE!


Since visitors here continue to complain and ask advice, I decided to open a message board (forum) where users can exchange experiences and ask for advice.

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Never mind.

499 Responses to “ contact number is 800-633-3331”

  1. Eugene says:

    Does the company make the problems first and then resolve it? It is ridiculous.

  2. Chris says:

    Please note that the contact number is 1-800 NOT 1-866.

    My company ATB Furnished Housing has 1-866 for our number and I sometimes receive calls for ABC Mouse.

  3. meena says:

    I want to cancel my account u guys say one thing and people get charge a different price bull*?? Thanks but no thanks I work hard for my money refund it back and point blank its very hard to reach u guys

  4. Yuriy says:

    @meena call them. That number works.

  5. marysol acosta says:

    I want to cancel my account please. It’s very hard to reach you guy.
    Cancel my account.

    Marysol Acosta

  6. Yuriy says:

    @marysol @meena just in case there’s some confustion, this site is not related to in any way. I just provide the contact number, which I used myself and now passing along.

  7. Elena says:

    I can’t get anyone to respond to a email and I want to cancel my account. This is ridiculous! That been a issue since July.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I feel used by this company, i tried cancelling my account for a few MONTHS and i just called (THANK YOU FOR THIS NUMBER!!!!) and the lady i talked to said i haven’t logged into the account in 3 months and on October 10th i logged in to complete an activity…. i told her i didn’t log in for 3 months because i thought i deleted my account 3 months ago… it is bull that companies try to bamboozle people like this… im glad my account was FINALLY deleted!

    • Rolando Leyva says:

      How u ppl change me when I already close the account because this is not good and I not want to pay for same thing is not good so please put my money back and if you not do it yet close and remember put my money back I close the day I open

  9. Anna says:

    I would like a refund because this site does not work nd I’m getting charged for it, we didn’t even get to use the free trail because again it doesn’t work this site is a scam to get free money from people

  10. John Hill says:

    Why are you billing my credit card? I do not have an account with you. Never heard of ABC Mouse till I was charge twice for 7.95 each time this month…Please give me a call 870-845-9703

  11. Yuriy says:

    @JohnHill because I am a classic villain, bent on sociopathic hate for all that is pure and innocent.

  12. nthia perkins says:

    please remove me from the abcmouse account do not use my credit card i want to be removed

  13. Yuriy says:

    No, I don’t want to.

  14. Summer says:

    I have been trying to cancel my subscription for weeks now and it refuses to let me in the settings. The game freezes and can’t do anything. I have had numerous problems with this for myself to be paying as much. I still should be with in my free trial and better not have a penny taken out of my account..

    • Camille monroe says:

      Camille monroe would like to cancel this account please i am not using this services about three mounths ago and i would like for you to stop taking money from my account please i dont even remember my log in information stop now please

  15. Vyz says:

    I just signed up for a trail and they took $60 out of my account, I cannot reach anyone this sucks!

  16. Debra says:

    Thank you Yuriy for posting ABC Mouse’s contact number. I really appreciate being able to find it. I am hoping for the best that they will refund me the 2 year renewal they just charged me. I had no idea it was automatic renewal. Please make sure you cancel your account. Sounds like it is difficult to do but don’t let what just happened to me happen to you. Who would want an another 2 year subscription. I was positive about the site and my children enjoyed it over the past 2 years but now I feel sick that they stole over $100 from me. So thank you again for posting this number and I am just so hoping I can resolve it.

  17. George says:

    Thanks for publishing that number, I called and left a message today, they called me back four hours later confirmed that I cancelled online and then reimbursed me last month pymt of $7.95.

  18. Debra says:

    I should follow up that ABC Mouse returned my call promptly and when I did speak to someone, easily agree to reimburse the $99 charged. It is an automatic renewal so be sure to cancel your account and it sounds like the best way to do that is to use this contact number provided by Yuriy. Thank you again Yuriy!

  19. Yuriy says:

    @Debra @George you’re welcome. I went thru this experience myself and I am glad this information helps others if not to avoid it completely then at least make it easier.

  20. Shital says:

    i would like to cancel my account from Abcmouse. please email me or call me. it is very hard to contact you. please reply me. if any one has contact number please let me know.

  21. Yuriy says:

    @Shital, the number is impossible to locate, it doesn’t exist. Wait… have you tried scrolling to the top of this page?

  22. nicole says:

    I called this number and only got a automated message. I can’t even leave a lage. Smfh.

  23. Tasha says:

    I ordered ABC Mouse for my grandchildren. I have ordered and cancelled a few times. I used it often back in 2010-2011 but in 2012 I didn’t have much use for it. I reordered it in 2013 because of a special they were hosting. I hadn’t used it much if at all in 2013. I had given them a cr/crd number that I rarely use for anything. To my surprise, they charged me for a year subscription without notice. I too, contacted them several times via phone with no one to directly talk to. I cancelled and saw there was “no” refund. I was not happy to see this since I never approved for the charge and I hadn’t used their site. I continued calling and I finally talked with someone. I am hoping for a refund in the end. I liked ABC Mouse I did feel it was useful to my grandchildren although I don’t like their way of handling business. Buyer Beware…

  24. Jackie Thomas says:

    I want to cancel my account

  25. edna says:

    i am very up set about your site it is hard to cancel not pleased at all

  26. Yuriy says:

    @Jackie_Thomas good luck with this.

    @edna I can’t get no satisfaction either.

  27. Chris says:

    It should be clear that the ABC number is a 1-800 number. I work for a Corporate Housing company with an identical number but a different 800 code, I get calls almost every day from people who want to cancel their subscription! It doesn’t help our name is ATB so they think they have ABC and let loose a tirade as soon as I answer.

    PEOPLE PLEASE CALL 1-800. DO NOT -I repeat DO NOT- call 1-855, 1-888 or 1-866.

  28. Yuriy says:

    @andrea: that’s what makes me tick, see? I get off on making other people miserable. It’s oh so much fun!

  29. ARC says:

    I want to sign up for my little girl. But hearing how hard it is to cancel, I’m not sure anymore. What do you guys think?

  30. Amber says:

    I feel the iPad works just as good. I’ve recently got charged 19.75 and i wasn’t told this would be coming out of my account. Nor we havent logged in since Sept. I emailed the company 2 times and it says they would get back to you within 24 hours and they didn’t, luckily i found this number! Also I tried to log in on abcmouse and it didn’t recognize my email account, so why am i being charged?I called the lady and she said normally we dont give refunds but since i havent used it in a while they are going to give it.

  31. Maria says:

    I signed up for abc mouse using a debit card that i hadnt used for anything else. Within days, there was an attempt at 2 fraudulent charges on my card. One at a gas station for $50 and one for a walmart gift card for $500. Somehow my card info got used or hacked or leaked out. I do not feel comfortable giving them my card information in the future

  32. evelyn says:

    I just got off the phone with them and was able to cancel the account. Thank you for posting the # it really works.

  33. Elena says:

    I want to cancel my account please

  34. Brooke Carlson says:

    I’m so upset with this service! I cannot reach them anywhere. Does anyone else have a good number for them?

  35. fatema says:

    cancel my account please

  36. Eric says:

    Am having problem connecting to abc mouse for my kids. Please call me 214 766 9124. Need to speak to someone. Is just a week today.

  37. Yuriy says:

    Nope. I will not cancel your account and I will not call you at 214-766-9124. Well, if you send me €314,159,265 in unmarked €10 coins – perhaps I will.

  38. Pls cancel my account and refund the money to my acc

  39. sherry tennis says:

    i want cancel and i want a refund

  40. Angie Melendez says:

    I ordered abcmouse without realizing that I had a computer problem downloading adobe. It’s say it doesn’t support abc mouse. So I decided to cancel my subscription and re turn funds back to my I account until further notice.

  41. maurakelly says:

    Oh My God Yuriy you are so funny. I ended up on his site after I got screwed by ABCmouse. I cannot believe people think you are somehow connected to ABCmouse. I was dying laughing reading your responses. I made my husband come in the room to read it. You made my day!!!!!

  42. Yuriy says:

    @maurakelly Thank you 🙂 Finally someone appreciate my sense of humor. And yes unfortunately quite a few people here a bit too thick. Truly it is said about good intentions.

  43. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for the 1 800 number I was able to call and cancel with no problems

  44. selina osei says:

    Hello i want to cancel my account because my son does not like it. what should i do

  45. chana floyd says:

    I will like to cancel my account because it gave my computer a virus and I had to pay someone to fit it and it cost me $90.00 to fit my computer.

  46. chana floyd says:


    • Yuriy says:

      @chana floyd Ok, you win, meet me tomorrow under that big oak tree by the strip club for seniors and I will give you full refund with interest.

  47. chana floyd says:

    I think you are trying to be fun by telling me to meet you under a oak tree by a strip club and I am not a seniors you might want to be careful what you say to people.

  48. Yuriy says:


  49. vernet says:

    hello i would like to cancel my account …

  50. heather says:

    I am so happy that I found this page. I have been looking for a number becasue they, like a lot of you, charged my account even though I had not told them too. I had an account like 2 years ago, and closed it. Then out of no where, they started charging my account $7.95. They said that they would refund the one month, but not the other two that I didnt catch. However, that was like 1 month ago, and have not been refunded the money yet. Thank you again.

  51. norma aguilar says:

    Hello i want to cancel my account because mi girl does not like it.

  52. Tiffany says:

    I have been trying to cancel for awhile my son does not play and they keep taking money out my account I want it canceled today and my money back

  53. John says:

    @Yuriy Thanks for the number to this crappy company. I deleted the account back in June but am still getting billed. I couldn’t find any way to contact them on their site. They suck!

  54. Philliph marshall says:

    you guys took money out my account without me authorization it.

  55. Latoni Ramsey says:

    I want to cancel my subscription, its not compatible on my devices!

  56. patricia says:

    Please cancel my account

  57. Yuriy says:

    @Philiph, @Latoni @patricia not gonna happen. I like your money and I will keep it. Nurture it. Protect it. My preciousssss.

    @heather, @John: Thank you. You’re the real MVP in this crowd. It seemed to me a common sense people would understand I am not ABC Mouse, but event after I lost trust in humanity and put that disclaimer on top, some could be incredibly stupid not very intelligent. Thank you again for being normal.

  58. karen gaunt says:

    I did not agree to anymore service on my account I did not know you were gonna bill me with out asking my permission I did not want to renew and I want my reimbursement for it. Thanks, Karen gaunt

  59. Lyn Webber says:

    Want to cancel my account plz

  60. adona torres says:

    I am just want to cancel the account because my child is not wanted

  61. amanda says:

    apparently ppl dont know how to read.

    i know that you are not apart of abc mouse i was just wondering if you knew if they would give me a refund my son dosent play with it and i havent used it in months i dont know if you had the same issue with them but i just wanted you opinion of this

    • Yuriy says:

      @amanda Thank you for understanding. In my case they did issue a refund for remainder of the subscription when I called them.

  62. stephanie Caddy says:

    want to cancel my membership. Not worth the money

  63. syndrome666 says:

    Are people on here seriously stupid? This guy simply posted a phone number and clearly stated that he is in no way affiliated with abc mouse. Any way if the numbers not working and/or these assholes at abcmouse simply refuse to refund any stolen charges, you have two options, call or see your creditor (if you used a bank card), and they’ll most likely be able to get you your funds back and get you a new account number or you can simply file a complaint with FTC and sure the shit out of them, granted you have some sort of proof of purchase/download info. My girlfriend downloaded this app for her son to use, and she never agreed to subscribe, but decided to give a 30 day free trial a go, no sooner that she signed up for the free trial, a $60 charge was withdrawn. Judging by most bad experiences, we’re going to try going to her bank first, to see if they could get in touch with abc mouse for unpermitted charges.

  64. Ellen Janice Griffin says:

    We don’t have a compatable computer right now- so I would like to cancel my subscription for right now- it is paid for by pay pal. so if you would notify them I would appreciate it.My new e-mail is

  65. Adavis3 says:

    Like seriously people read the BIG RED print!!!!

  66. Mary Ferreira says:

    I would like to cancel ABCmouse now thanks I want to cancel my account with ABCmouse

  67. Mary Ferreira says:

    hello I would like to cancel my account with ABCmouse please my email address is send me a link

    • maura says:

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with people? I have some dry cleaning I need picked up- seeing as how you have all this time to cancel these subscriptions for people could you grab it for me??

  68. Yuriy says:

    @Adavis3 Thank you. I am beginning to think all these people are trolls, it’s hard to imagine they’re all seriously asking me to cancel their accounts.

  69. nancy says:

    Please tell me how to cancel the
    I need my payment back because my child is grown big but she enjoyed the thanks …

  70. Ana zermeno says:

    Please cancel my account my e mail is

  71. Yuriy says:

    I am beginning to get a feeling that majority of these comments made by ABCMouse themselves. First, people cannot be *that* stupid. And second – many comments have URL in the pointing to – referral hunting. If this continues, I will disable comments on this post and just leave it for posterity.

  72. Patty Flores says:

    Cancel my account

  73. Sharon williams says:

    I would like to cancel my abc account

  74. Kathleen Woodruff says:

    I want to cancel my account on abcmouse right away!

  75. gordon burns says:

    I see others are having the same problem with canceling their account. They are still charging me after I canceled it two times so I thought.

  76. Praveen says:


    If you installed this app with itunes (On Iphone/ipad), and would like to cancel the subscription, here is how you need to do it.

    1. Open App Store
    2. Click on “Featured” at the bottom of the page
    3. At the bottom of the screen, click on your apple id, which starts with “Apple ID:”
    4. Click o View Apple ID
    5. Enter your password if it asks for it
    6. Click on Manage under subscriptions
    7 Turn off auto renewal next to

    Have fun.

  77. Hannah says:

    I want to stop my account and I have for 3 months and they keep taken my money and I want it back

  78. Sharon williams says:

    I need to cancel my abc account why is it so hard to do

  79. katrina hunter says:

    cancel account now!!!!Been trying to talk to a person and cant….561-808-6771

    • Yuriy says:

      @”katrina hunter” (and all the other ABCMouse employees or SEO “engineers”). Putting “” URL in the comment doesn’t make a smart move. Even if it doesn’t get removed (which it does) it has a “rel=nofollow” so you won’t get referral juice your so hunger after.

  80. Brooke says:

    I found out the hard way by being charged (we’ve had it 3 years and this is the first year they decided to bill for the annual subscription). Due to this i looked at terms and conditions and it says “abc mouse can charge you for anything at anytime”. I always read fine print but this was hidden in the terms and conditions no one ever reads. Buyer beware. I guess i’ll know next time.

  81. anthony says:

    just call the number and speak with a rep. thats all i did and it took all but 5 min. very simple and easy to do if you really want your money refunded.

  82. Kasandra davis says:

    Cancel my account please

  83. Daryn says:

    I got caught in the trap… its 30 days free unless you accept the annual prepayment option… then you pay right away for forfeit the trial period.

    Very Scammy….
    But I called the 1-800-633-3331 (press 4 for a person) and actually got the charges reversed…. Still pretty mad though…

  84. jackie says:

    i have a question hopefully i am not the only one having this problem but when my kids were on the abcmouse site they were playing at the store on the site and now the screen is blurred only on this site and i cant read anything to try and figure out how to resolve it on my own and if i log out the screen gets really small to were everything is so bunched together it makes it even harder to fix but is not like that for any other site i tried to log on to can i get any help in fixing this please

  85. Adenike Adelakun says:

    Please stop taking money out of my account, I don’t use your website any more.

  86. Christina says:

    Hello… Please CANCEL my acct. I don’t want to be charged in the month of June… Thank you!

  87. Yuriy says:

    @Adenike, @Christina please tell me you are kidding. Please tell me you’re trolling. Please RESTORE MY FAITH IN HUMANITY! I don’t want humans to go extinct. I don’t want cockroaches to take over the planet. They are yucky.

  88. Felicia Cludray says:

    Please cancel my account. during summer the time. My grand kids just aren’t wanting to play on As of 6-02-2015. Thank you.

  89. Kaylena Paxson says:

    Hi if you could help me out I would really like to cancel my account but I can’t find out how to the sent me a bill but I haven’t got on the app PLEASE HELP ME IM LOSING MONEY!!!!

  90. Maria says:

    I wanna cancel and get my refund

  91. roger says:

    PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT HERE CALL THEIR NUMBER INSTEAD 1-800-633-3331 (this is not the abcmouse website!!):

  92. Yuriy says:

    @Maria: No

    @roger: thank you.

  93. jenelle says:

    very disappointed with this site! was told it was free due to my children’s age… i got a bunch of bnk fees from them trying to take money out multiple times.

  94. omar says:

    How i cancel my
    account please

    • Yuriy says:

      @omar: I am afraid it is impossible. You’re doomed to have it for life. What’s worse you doomed all future generations too.

    • Christina says:

      You have to email them and tell them to cancel…they don’t answer nobody’s calls and ignore ppl email someone needs to call and report this problem it happens to everybody

  95. Brandy Gates says:

    Please, please cancel my subscription with abc mouse. I would Love to know how in the world can I speak to someone on the phone about canceling my subscription. I can’t get anyone on the phone. Iam a very unhappy customer. We keep getting charged for abc mouse and we never ever use this retarded website. Brandy Gates.

  96. JohnW says:

    I signed up for one year.. Which was 2013 for my daughter. She flew through the sight and after about 6 months she was over it. She tried logging on after the year was up and was unable. I told her that we just got on year. I thought that was the end. Now it is 2015 and I just noticed a charged from ABCMOUSE. After looking at my 2014 CC bills I seen they had build me for that year also. Called the number you gave Yuriy and canceled the perscription to ABCMOUSE. They would on refund me 45 dollars for year 2015 even though I hadn’t logged on for over 2 years. This made me very angry and displeased with ABCMOUSE. They should not be able to do this. Shouldn’t this be against the law? I think a class action lawsuit should be against them for fraud. Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this?

  97. Jackie crusoe says:

    Yes, I would like to cancel my account

  98. Wendy says:

    I m being charged but I can’t get to the page, please cancel I don’t want it anymore……. Please contact me I m not happy with this . Thank u

  99. Dayami Lauzurique says:


  100. Yuriy says:


  101. tammy says:

    I’m never ever getting this again… i can’t cancel my acct, and they are still charging me.
    this abcmouse sucks!!!

  102. JETTA MARTYN says:

    i am opting out from this site, i am on the free 30 day trial an we havent used it. the sight is for younger children an i thought it would go up to higher grades. hes to not want do not charge my account.

  103. dana farmer says:

    Do not charge me i can not use it on my phone i want my money back

  104. Yuriy says:

    @dana farmer: I wish I could stop charging you, but I am hooked! It gives me such high, such rush – I am simple unable to stop! It’s like a drug, I am so addicted to charging you. SOMEBODY HELP ME!

  105. Angie says:

    Cancel ABD mouse now I’ve tried a couple times. we can no longer afford this and taking the money out will now cause fees to our account please deposit these funds back to our account!!!!

  106. john says:

    i just had to comment on the stupidity of the people leaving these posts…obviously not an abc mouse site….lol…so dumb i just couldn’t stay silent

  107. Gabriela says:

    Why did u guys charge my debit card. We were suppose to have a 2month free trail andand you guys charged. I’m not so happy and want my money back soon.!!!!

  108. Nikki St Laurent says:

    Thx for the number

  109. Steve says:

    Wow…..Thank you for the number and the comical comment section. It is hard to believe that so many in this world have the intelligence of a rock. For those saying to cancel your account….really? And for those who left a phone number….maybe you should keep ABC mouse and start your education over again.

  110. Cindy jackson says:

    I just can not get this to work will u please delete this and do not take no money out off my account. Thank you

  111. I was going to sign for a trial and i was mislead your website was making me do thimgs i wasnt prepared for i do not want my free trial please do not bill my card for anything

  112. audre jones says:

    Please cancel my card please this is the time I have to say something about thank u in advance

  113. Cryssi says:

    Thank you soooo much for the #. I am disappointed in the ABC Mouse site itself but even more disappointed by the # of ignorant, non-reading, “blondes” that inhabit the earth. I honestly think a flea would have a better chance @ survival. You clearly stated that you are not affiliated with the site. I pray to God that these are just lifeless trolls commenting. If this is read, then God bless us all!

  114. Chanteal says:

    Thank you so much for posting their phone number! They have not responded to my emails! I think it’s quite fishy that they have almost no customer support, I couldn’t find a phone number anywhere on their site. We haven’t had any problems as I understood the terms and conditions when I signed up three years ago. However, my children no longer use it and they surprised me with a charge today. I’m very disappointed that they make it nearly impossible to contact them. Stinking crooks! Hopefully they will refund my money and cancel my account. Again, thank you for posting their phone number! 🙂 sorry about the other commenters, just think for every dumb comment you get you’ve probably helped out about 10 to 20 people that understood what this is and didn’t feel the need to leave a comment. Have a fantastic day.

  115. Chanteal says:

    They refunded my money but only because I caught it the same day they charged me. Hooray!!

  116. Tetee rogers says:

    I need to talk to someone quick!

  117. Deborah says:

    How on earth did this charge for your company get on my credit card? I do not have any young children at home and would have no reason to join such a site. This is clearly a fraud item and is being reversed as well as investigated.

    • Yuriy says:


      You don’t know how it happened
      It all took place so quick
      But all you can do is hand it to me
      And my latest trick

  118. hyunsook seo says:

    I’d like to cancel my account.
    It is hard to contact you guys.
    Please cancel my account……

  119. pam bailey says:

    I signed my granddaughter up for this. .1 month free..looked at my bank statement and was charged $59.95…I want the money back and abc.canceled..I have seen no where on the site to leave message with customer service.

  120. Yuriy says:

    @pam_baily: have you tried calling number 1-800-633-3331?

  121. Harpreet says:

    I would like to cancel my account so u guys won’t charge me next month plZ give me call as soon as possibal

  122. kele says:

    I will like to cancelled adc mouse monies keep coming out of my account that is not right you’all said first month free after that monies keep going from my account.

  123. Chi doan says:

    I would like to cancel my account please

  124. Farhana haque says:

    Hi I like to cancel my account please.

  125. Lida love says:

    Please someone call me at 925 565 8713

  126. Garrett says:

    Good news everyone!
    Cancel ABCmouse is easy. you guys just log in and scroll down to Customer Support and they will ask for account password and then you go to Parent section and simply select cancel policy.
    It depended on your account if they charge you through App store then you must log with apple id and tap Manage and switch the automatic renewal off. Good luck guys

  127. Garrett says:

    Garrett says:

    10/23/2015 at 1:33 PM

    Good news everyone!
    Cancel ABCmouse is easy. you guys just log in and scroll down to Customer Support and they will ask for account password and then you go to Parent section and simply select cancel policy.
    It depended on your account if they charge you through App store then you must log with apple id and tap Manage and switch the automatic renewal off. Good luck guys

  128. Jeremie Kabasele says:

    Can you stop to charge my account?I do not have any contract with you, my son played one time last year (2014), why do you charge me this year(2015) please cancel and money back($19.75)

  129. shanie says:

    I am totally agree with you. and your message is very helpful. I tried to find way to cancel the abc mouse, but it is very sucks. thank you for your infomation

  130. sky mommy says:

    i would like to cancel my abcmouse account ASAP. These people stealing my money!

  131. Luke says:

    So I really enjoyed reading the comments from the people visiting this information site and somehow confusing it for an site.

    You can cancel your subscription on their website by going to support at the bottom, billing, select “how do I cancel my account”, and then cancelling. Then, call your bank and put a hold on their auto withdrawl. If you did it on a CC or bank card then get a new one sent to you. They cannot bill you if they don’t have accurate billing information.

  132. Vanessa Jones says:

    I canceled my account with you guys last year. I need a refund because you guys have charged my credit card again.

  133. kassandra tarbell says:

    I would like to cancel my subscription

  134. Edna cisneros says:

    I want to cancel my account I was charged a different amount of what I was told!!

  135. Yuriy says:

    Please tell me people can’t be this stupid. Please tell me at this point they’re just trolling.

  136. SHIRLEY CENTENO says:


  137. Barry L. says:


    ALTHOUGH I LOVE THE OPPERTUNITY THE SITE PROVIDES MY BOYS, I MUST WARN POTENTIAL MEMBERS ~ THE LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS APPALING. I strongly recommend a monthly subscription so as to mitigate any loss when you are fed up with the annoying issues that occur 2 to 3 times a week. It is getting better, but be prepared to juggle browsers for different lessons (Chrome to IE) or to figure work around for missing graphics / dead links.
    ALSO – THE TROUBLE TICKET CUSTOMER SERVICE LINK ON THE WEBSITE WILL YEILD NO SOLUTIONS. I haven’t ever received so much as an acknowledgement of the 5+ Trouble Messages that I have submitted. Here is my latest message to them, before I found this number..
    Your website will not allow me to save changes to my credit card information to renew our membership. The link “Save Changes” is DEAD – link on this page: []

    PLEASE CALL ME (503 393 3199) or PROVIDE A NUMBER FOR ME TO CONTACT ABCMOUSE.COM CUSTOMER SUPPORT. My boys are waiting to start on their lessons for the day.

    FYI, I am VERY dissatisfied with the customer service provided by I STRONGLY recommend offering either a “Live Chat” option or at the very least a customer service contact number for these and other issues. [I.E. ~ website issues, inability to skip broken lessons, unable to retake a Step Level again, issues with missing/hidden graphics within a lesson, compatibility issues with Google Chrome/Internet Explorer….ect) Thus far ALL of my trouble tickets to have been ignored/unanswered.

    I sincerely hope that this ticket is taken seriously as I am activly investigating other websites/ home school options in anticipation of history repeating itself. Last Change ABCMouse.

    With Skepticism,
    Barry Littleton

  138. Laney Rodriguez says:

    Please cancel my account immediately

  139. Eunice roberts says:

    I need to cancel my account my daughter don’t use it so I need to get in touch with someone asap cause you guys are taking too much out of my account

  140. Yuriy says:

    This can’t be real. I must’ve fallen thru a rift in space-time continuum to a parallel universe. Obtusiverse.

  141. Whitney says:

    I have called the past 3 days trying to contact someone. both days i hung up with the thought i would be called back on the order my call was recieved and still have not recieve a call back. I purchased ABC mouse for the first time yesterday and it charges my account twice.

  142. Cassandra knuth says:

    I want to cancel. U keep taking it out of my account. When it was a free trail.

  143. Tham says:

    I want to cancel the membership. We never use once in 3 months. My son did not like it. I try to find the contact number but couldn’t Please anybody give me the customer services number please.

  144. Kaylee says:

    I hate this app it’s so annoying so can I plz delete it now

  145. Jenna Miller says:

    I want to cancel my subscription when it is up as my granddaughter has outgrown it. It has been a blessing. My phone number is 817-543-2351. Thank you.

  146. Tanika Thomas says:

    How can I find out if my order was canceled?

  147. Crystal Locust says:

    I would like to cancel my account so I want be charge on my card

  148. Marilyn poy says:

    Would like to cancel my subscription

  149. shelby cruz says:

    I would like to cancel my subscription.

  150. Krystal Lewis says:

    Please cancel my account. My daughter does not use it. And I just can’t afford it right now. Thanks again. Please cancel my account now

    • Barry says:

      Huh? What the hell are you taking about? This site is a fourm, and I sure as hell don’t work for ABCMOUSE.COM.. perhaps you should read the rest of the posts?

  151. Siba says:

    I need to cancel my account immediately please!

    Thank you

  152. Eunhye nam says:

    What a tricky site…. The website says one month free and they charge it….
    I want to cancel it and give me back my money

  153. debi says:

    yes i’d like to subscribe Yuri…lol…can u help me??

  154. Katherine says:

    PLSSSS. STOP the payment NOW!!! My daughter hasn’t been using this for 5 yrs now. I believed no one is monitoring the progress of the childs work because there was no upadate received in email except for payment.
    This is not fair. Need your response ASAP!! even the phone is leaving message no live person.

  155. Sherley stcyr says:

    I having issues with added my other child to the program

  156. Betty Austin says:

    I called and cancelled last month. I was to get my $19.75 back. I never got it and now there was another $19.75 taken out of my account. I need my money put in my account and this cancelled. Thank you! betty34 austin@

  157. Lina says:

    I was subscribing my daughter for the first time, and I didn’t get my free trial. Abc mouse already took the money and send me the receipt. I want to cancel that transaction.
    Thank you.
    Lina Canal

  158. Sandy says:

    Thank you for this number! I have been like most of these other parents, in their frustration.
    Seriously, though, some of them might need ABCmouse to learn how to read.

  159. Tina says:

    I’ve been try to cancel account and I’m unable to close acct. it comes to charge. Oven sent in request but with the link and password change it does not work. I will calling my bank and I for them that be requesting a stop of payment due to child unable to use app.

  160. juvena Philippe says:

    I want to cancel my account immediately please

  161. Jen says:

    I am cracking up right now reading these messages. I remember When my teacher gave me a test and always told us to read the directions. In the directions it said just sign your name and turn it in. There were so many people that actually took the test!!! It’s unbelievable how many people don’t pay attention!!!! Open your eyes people!!!

  162. Kareem Wharton says:

    You ppl are idiots – someone already posted how to cancel the subscription, which by the way is pretty simple. I will repost for all of you that missed it but i am pretty sure you will miss this post as well.

    If you installed this app with itunes (On Iphone/ipad), and would like to cancel the subscription, here is how you need to do it.

    1. Open App Store
    2. Click on “Featured” at the bottom of the page
    3. At the bottom of the screen, click on your apple id, which starts with “Apple ID:”
    4. Click o View Apple ID
    5. Enter your password if it asks for it
    6. Click on Manage under subscriptions
    7 Turn off auto renewal next to

  163. Yuriy says:

    Thank you Jeebus (and @Jen and @Kareem) for the speck of intelligence in the desert of oblivion. My hope for humanity ain’t completely dead yet.

  164. Lashannon Wilcox says:

    I want to cancel my account my son don’t play with it any more n y’all bill me for it I want my money back

  165. Amy says:

    Most corrupt company ever. I called the toll free number and there are 289 callers in front of me. I am still holding 30 minutes later and they are down to 278
    They are based in Glendale, CA their home office phone number is 816-246-2223
    Try calling the home office

  166. Rosemarie says:

    Please I want you guys to cancel my account emegently. Cuz my daughter doesn’t like it. So please cancel my account and refund my money. ASAP. THANKS

  167. Jamie Swens-Wong says:

    I would really appreciate it if you do not automatically take my money out of my account. Until further notice.

  168. Deborah Nesbitt-Harris says:

    I have ABC Mouse for my classroom last year. It worked very well. This year I enrolled to have ABC Mouse for my classroom again. I have been calling and leaving emails. I have not talked with anyone. I even set times for them to call me back at work. I still at this day have not herd from anyone. The program we can bring it up but once we click on Arts and colors or Games or Around the World and etc. that is located at the top of the web page. Nothing has worked. I have been paying for 3 months 19.97 and I have not been able to use ABC Mouse. I am asking for someone to respond and leave a name and phone# or email address I can communicate with.

  169. Beatriz says:

    Thank you for the contact info. I been trying to cancel my account and haven’t been able to. Try to cancel on-line and I was beign charge $35 dollars.

  170. KAssie says:

    You can cancel yourself by going to the Parent section when you log in it’s very simple and takes about 45 sec.

  171. Michael Trinidad says:

    I want to cancel and u keep ignoring me and keep charging me year to year please stop

  172. Jennifer says:

    I have been charged almost 60.00 for a subscription I canceled last year! My bank has filed a disclaimer stating this. I find it extremely frustrating having to go through all this. I will continue to fill out negative reviews if this isn’t fixed and my money is refunded.

  173. Gabreal says:

    Ive been calling just sends me too voicemail ughhh

  174. Eva says:

    I been trying to cancel for 3 months I haven’t get any confirmation
    My Eva Miller 951 282 5444
    Kid Mia Michelle Love

  175. Kimberly Fizer says:

    Hello! To who it may concern, I’d signed up for the ABC Mouse 30 day trial earlier this morning and decided I don’t want any involvement with the program. So, I would like to cancel the trial, please. Thanks and look forward to seeing the change.

  176. Julia Lopez says:

    Hello, I do not use the email so I cannot access my account. A charge of 59.99 was taken out of my acct. I did not authorize it. I called my bank and they told me to inform you before I asked them to take that payment back.

  177. Arcelia Petersen says:

    My child did not like ABC mouse. I’d like to cancel a.s.a.p. Please

  178. Sylvia Monfette says:

    Hi, having trouble canceling my account please do so and send me a e-mail when completed. Thank you

  179. steph says:

    Thank you Yuriy! I woke this morning to a charge from ABCMouse for a renewal I did not give permission for, or any notice from them whatsoever stating that they would be charging my account. Thanks to you, I have called the number and left a message – after trying to cancel online, but they make you click a box stating that “I further understand that fees paid to date are non-refundable…” Yeah, not clicking that box! Here is to hoping they return my call. I am sorry so many people think that your kindness in providing a direct number to a live person is equivalent to your working with ABCMouse. Thank you for the humorous responses you have made! All anyone needs to do is read what you wrote to understand that you ARE NOT affiliated with the ABCMouse company. Best regards.

  180. Jenzie says:

    I’m wondering what about this message board is so difficult to understand. The creator put a phone number for people to have access to call ABCmouse. I did that, changed my account, they were very nice and it was done. Possibly the reason why there are so many people displeased with getting charged for something the supposedly didn’t sign up for is because they can’t READ. I knew exactly what I signed up for when I signed up for it and when it was scheduled to renew. Thank you @Yuriy for posting the number and I’m sorry for these post that you have endured in hopes of helping people. I’m thinking they really should have kept the program and used it along with their kids.

  181. Yuriy says:

    @steph, @Jenzie thank you. It’s a breath of fresh air to see normal, understanding responses.

  182. shonda davis says:

    Cancel service

  183. Dawn says:

    I also signed up for this and got charged during my free trial and tried to cancel with no success now i’m on a mission to get this cancelled. I have not heard from anyone yet I did however left my number for a call back. I can not log in and get into the settings like it suggests on the website. Very frustrating and on top of it the app did not correctly show certain items which can be confusing for young learning minds. Very very disappointed with ABC mouse I would NEVER recommend to anyone in the future.

  184. Lisa Yacu says:

    Please cancel my membership! It is no longer being used, thank you. Lisa Yacu.

  185. Sreyna ke says:

    Hello dear !!! I had just bought the annually membership for $79.5 and my daughter don’t like it , so please I wavy reimbursement my $79.5, thank you!!

  186. Tracey says:

    I would like to cancel and j have tried the phone number and still no answer can anyone help me please I don’t know what else to do

  187. Karen says:

    Unbelievable ! These people should keep the program and use it themselves! I gave the number to my neighbor this morning, hopefully she resolves her problems with them. Thank you for all the info you supplied!

  188. Sopio says:

    STOP charging me I canceled 12/2014 and they still charging me an ontop of that I just notice they r charging me twice a week 8 and 18 th its crazy

  189. M Kelly says:

    I’m an awful person but these comments always make me laugh. Can you even count how many times you have been asked to cancel a membership??! What about the actual number being in your website’s name is so confusing for people?????

  190. Colleen says:

    I was having gliching and freezing. So I phoned the number above. I was told that the game has been developed around the Mozilla Fox browser and so I should use that. I did and everything worked perfectly!

  191. Patricia Barber says:

    I would like to cancel my account.. Please do not take money from my account.

  192. rashmi says:

    pls stop my services immediately, it is disappointing that without my permission every month you are deducting a amount from my account. pls stop this and revert back money of past 2 month…pls call me on 9910780082…because ur phone number is fake

    • Yuriy says:

      @rashmi – unfortunately we cannot do this “immediately”, it’s not that easy. Have you ever tried to break a car running at 80Mph? There’s such a thing as deceleration trajectory. Things are complicated by gravitational pull of nearby systems as well. Please be patient and bear with us for the duration of the impending collision. Thank you for your cooperation and have a good day.

  193. Rebecca Lovett says:

    Bullshit. I’ve called this number
    It will not let you connect to a live person!

  194. Linda says:

    This “automatic renewal” is a bunch of crap. Don’t do the subscription. They refuse to cancel unless you cancel within the year the account is active. It showed up on my charge again as “pending,” When I called ABC to get the “pending transaction” cancelled I was told that I could not cancel until the next renewal period. This company is a rip off. Half the time the site does not even work.

  195. Debbie says:

    I want to cancel couldn’t get in contact with the co.!help!!!!

  196. Justin leFakeSurname says:

    ARE YOU ALL THIS STUPID????????????????? If you can’t by NOW FIGURE OUT that THIS PERSON IS NOT ABCMOUSE THEN YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR ACCOUNTS DRAINED. If anyone is wondering why they are losing money, behold the nugget of nastiness found in their user agreement:

    “We may change any fee or charge at any time in our sole discretion.”

    This screams scam. This means that they can charge you any amount they want at any time without consulting anyone! If on the off chance that they still refuse to stop charging you, behold some more law goodness:
    which says “…you do have the right to cancel directly with your card issuer. Once you have done this, it must stop payments immediately – it cannot insist that you agree this with the company taking the payment first.”

    This applies to any payment charged to your account. In short, go to your bank and tell them your problems, and they will force the cessation of all payments you idiots subscribed to.

  197. ann says:

    this number is really worked.. i been trying to cancel it for long time..i did it just today to call this number and real ppl answering it and taking care my cancellation..such a relief

  198. Michelle sass says:

    Please cancel my order this is michelle sass I had cancel yesterday but didn’t her from your but your got my money

  199. Sandra says:

    Thank YOU for Sharing the phone number!!! Got my refund.

    Love your responses for people who can’t read that YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COMPANY!

  200. Kasanilisa Massey says:

    Cancelled the app and service want to make sure I do not get charged any extra fees

  201. Barsh howard says:

    Well i did sign up with abc mouse just to try it out for my 2 children, they didnt use it much so i decided to cancel it and i call the number provided 800-633-3331 and they tell me they dont refund i was not aware that i would be billed when i signed up they billed me $1.00 and a month later $7.95 thats not good customer service and in no way did they try to work with me they gladly take your moneu whether you were satisfied with their site or not. Well thank you abc mouse you really did not help my kids with your “Great” site

    Best regards, former customer

  202. Hello I’ve ust recently bought abc mouse for my grandchildren now having the worse time logging in!!!!!?.!!!!

  203. Hello,

    Would like to cancel my membership..

    Thank you

  204. Naketha Mcvae says:

    Hello, yes I would like to speak with some one about charging my Account Two times , when it clearly say first month free… I would like to cancel my Account and get my money back on my card Asap please?!

  205. Naketha Mcvae says:

    Hello, I would like to cancel my account because it said first month free, but instead y’all charged my card , so I would like to see my money back on my card and my account canceled..please get back with and let me know how this work Asap.

  206. Alvin Corpening says:

    I filed a 1 year subscription on 8/25/16 around 3pm EDT. I put this my credit card for great grand daughter Madison Corpening. I have not received an e-mail receipt. Please let me know if it has been processed and how we can access your program each day.

  207. Javier says:

    I want to cancel my ABC account know

  208. samantha says:

    I would like to cancel my account and would like my money back the 7.95 and the 3.95. Maybe I guys should get a number so people can call. Don’t just charge people’s cards

  209. Jose Beltran says:

    I canceled my subscription a while back but I’m still getting charged. Can someone contact me to confirm my cancelation.

  210. Becky Gallagher says:

    Cancel my account. !!! Please.

  211. Ashley Graffread says:

    I was charged and I cancelled my memebership a month ago

  212. Leslie says:

    I have tried a hundred times to get ahold of these people they keep charging my card and I have no used the app in over 7 months!!

  213. Chris says:

    It says you wont be billed until after the 30 days is up. So why do you have to have money in your account to get the free trial. Its a scam…..

  214. Kristina hill says:

    Need to cancel account and need to know if I was charged after free trail. ASAP and how much was charged

  215. ANUMELA ISMAIL says:

    I wanna cancel and get my refund. NOW

  216. Quilla says:

    Omg, “And when you call it, surprisingly, you get to speak to a live person, who resolves your problems pretty quickly,” “pretty quickly”??!!

  217. Yuriy says:

    @Quilla: Yes, quickly as in fastly or rapidlyly.


  218. Sandy says:

    I want to cancel my account .

  219. Audra says:

    Call Age of Learning, Inc., at the following number for immediate assistance in cancelling your subscription:
    If you call any other number you will be met with a recording stating that all of the customer service reps are unavailable and they will call you back in the order your call was received after leaving a message. My call went unreturned.

  220. Naomi j says:

    I would like to cancel my account

  221. Johanna says:

    I’m so frustrated with this thing. I wanted to sign up for the free 30 day trial but I was charged 59.95 and another 39.95 that I do not know why. I have been on the phone for 1hr:30min. Will try this number that Audra suggested. I’m so frustrated.

  222. Johanna says:

    Thank you very much Audra. This number you provided worked great I had been on the phone for almost two hours waiting to be answered. They were very helpful. Before I called I tried to change my attitude because I was frustrated. Thanks again and have a great day.

  223. shanita gabriel says:

    Can u please cancel my account immediately

  224. Krysten says:

    I spoke to someone last month, October 2016… a payment was taken out of my account, unauthorized and now a month later I try and call to speak to someone. although the message says that people are eager to speak with you, you are NEVER given the opportunity to pick the option to speak to someone. I tried going through picking the tech support option, but they just keep you on hold and you never get a person. of course they are eager to draft your money out of your account, but you have to wait, first for someone to respond to you email then wait a second time for someone to refund you the money they should NEVER HAVE TAKEN!

  225. Solida chan Rayes says:

    Hi my Solida Rayes. I need to cancel my account. Because my children does not go on ABC, now I need my closed please thank you.

    Thank you.
    Solida Rayrs.

  226. Barbara Fair says:

    I would like to cancel my membership for ABC mouse for December payment to my PayPal my phone number is 313-457-3559 Barbara Fair email thank u….

  227. Hi yall charge me a 1.00 on my card an my membership pose to b free for 30 days plz reply bk

  228. Golda MiddaghMacomber says:

    Hi, I would like to cancel my membership immediately. Please cancel my membership so that I don’t get charge the upcoming month.
    Thank you.

  229. Fe vizcaino says:

    You guys have a good app for kids but I decided to stop using it and you guys keep charging my bank account please stop I am done with ABC Mouse

  230. Ingrid says:

    I would like to cancel my accounts

  231. Yolanda Whiteside says:

    You guys taking money off my card and I just started my free trial I need my money back on my card. I’m sick will heart disease very sick. If you guys don’t put my money on my card I’m going to call a lawyer.

  232. Yolanda Whiteside says:

    Tomorrow I’m talking to a lawyer to sue you guys if my money not on my card in the morning.

    • Yuriy says:

      Yolanda. Yolanda. I wanted to utter another sarcastic wise-ass remark, but at the last moment decided not to.
      Yolanda. You do realize this site isn’t ABC Mouse, but some random guy blog? You understand that you’re replying to a post written almost 4 years ago? Please tell me that you do.

  233. Markeisha Booker says:

    I’d like to cancel my service. Please stop charging my card. I need a refund for the last transaction and the one from last month. This is my second time calling about this issue. Please have someone call me (Markeisha Booker) 770-572-0137 to cancel services. Thanks

  234. Markeisha Booker says:

    I would like to cancel my account and get reimbursed for 2 months. Thanks

  235. I want cancel my account. Now I have not received any information or any books .please refund my money right away.

  236. Cheryl Freeman says:

    please cancel and return my money immediately … I do not want or need your services. I want this done immediately..
    Thank You ,

    Cheryl Duffer Freeman


    your 800633-3331 nevernevernever answer…. You have the worst customer service ever. I can not signon to ABCMOUse.. My child can not use the site. I have tried everything to contact someone there..I am not paying for another year of ABCMouse and my child does use it. I did this last year.I have supplied you with every email that I own. I am starting to believe that you don’t want my service and are robbing me of my money.

  238. Marilyn Bracher says:

    I had Canceled my account around 2 years ago and haven’t used it but your company has been charging my credit card.. I would like a REFUND plus Stop Charging my Credit Card
    Dylan Bracher’s Accoung

  239. Beatriz rodriguez says:

    Hi i called too cancel my membership bt it a holiday today .. so today was my last day too cancel can u please :. Note that i called today 12/24/16 so i wont get charged tomorrow.. please contact me

  240. Angela Smith says:

    I have been trying to cancel my membership for over two years. It is a must that this membership be cancelled and I receive my credit card reimbursement. I have contacted this company several times. After the trial membership, I specifically stated to cancel my membership. However, to no avail I have been unsuccessful.

  241. Saumya says:

    @Yuriy I dont ever comment on such threads but i just had too! If you are reading this…Man you have an amazing amount of patience! Kudos to you for actually reading what these silly people have been commenting. I had the best laugh of my life! showed it to my husband, we havent stopped laughing since. I cant believe people can be that silly! This just restored my faith in humanity that i can still laugh at the monstrous stupidity that exists around me!

  242. Desiree Trahan says:

    Yellow need to cancel my subscription and reimbursement because you keep putting my bank account in the negative and I tried more than one time cancel my subscription

  243. DEMETRIA BELL says:


  244. Dia doss says:

    Do anyone have a better number for them. I canceled my account during the free trial and I’m still getting charged. Someone returning my damn money. Or I calling an the news.

  245. Nichole says:

    I want to cancel my account. It worked the first month and that is it!!

  246. Neliza Baluyut says:

    I want t cancel my subscription. I am being deducted for months but we are not using the site.

  247. Diane says:

    Good morning my name is Diane an I wanted asked a question ❓ you sending money order for bill payments

  248. Kitsia wynter says:

    Hello my name is kitsia wynter. I signed up for ABC mouse for my girls and I am having trouble with the math part they’re are not able. To do the math work because it’s froze on them. I have called already and did everything I was told to fix it can you please contact me to figure another way to fix this problem.

  249. Guillermo Zavala Jr. says:

    My name is Guillermo Zavala Jr and I have an account for my 5 yr old granddaughter. I am paying $19. a month.
    Question: I want to enroll my 2 yr old granddaughter. Do I need to enroll her in another account or can I add her to the existing account? Do I need to pay additional money?

  250. Andrea says:

    My email is . You are billing me every month . This is for a program in don’t have. If did before then it’s not on now. Please you need to refund me or contact me as soon as possible. You can imagine the shock I got when check my credit card bill and see this. I am going to report this and also have to go to the bank.

    • Yuriy says:

      @Andrea I am sorry, but I am not the one billing you. This site is not associated with ABC Mouse. You need to contact them via number shown in the post.

  251. Luz Farfan says:

    I never renewed the contract so why are you taking money out of my account I am trying to call you nobody’s answering

  252. sharon martin says:

    I have not and will not use yalls service someone hamckws into my debit card so y’all need to give me my money back y’all took from me . I have never heard of y’all until today when i reached the company where I have my card.y’all took off my money at 5:30 this money twice.the authroties is already looking into this so be yalls best bet and give me my money back.

  253. sharon martin says:

    I don’t even have what ever this is . and u took money off my card one minute is 7.95 and also almost 4.00 without my permission I have the police looking into your so called web site and u have 5 days to remberse my money or you will lose ur. Web site I’m not playing and by the looks of things neither is anyone else. I’m not very happy about this. And if I don’t get my money back at least I won’t have ur so called web site anymore I am putting a stop to it . remember u have 5 days to put my money back on my card or I will have no web site check they may take it down anyways cause ur a fraud

  254. Rosa Delmy Guevara says:

    I don’t want this service no more it’s really bad u need to cancel…please stop charges on my card

  255. Artur says:

    This guys are thieves and bastard abusers. I get access in this website last year in free three months period. Because nothing works in their website, I asked to be removed. However they charged me. Called and asked money back, nothing happened. No money back. I even don’t have access anymore in this website and they got the money from my credit card again. No way to contact them and resolve the problem. Bastard pilfers.

  256. Please refund my money.

  257. I cancel my account never used it. Please refund my money.

  258. Donna Poe says:

    Please cancel please.

    Donna Poe
    909 477 7333

  259. Peggy Anderson says:

    Please cancel my subscription or membership.

  260. Marcie meline says:

    I signed up for your $1.00 trial throug a promo for a trial for a free free $1000 gift card by answering a few questioms. Your company was on that trial offering a trial period of ypur product for $1.00. You billef the the 1.00 plus 19.95. Which put my account into oberdraft. The ovetdraft charge is $35.00 throuh Jpmorgan chase bank.This fee put my account into into overfraft by $35.00. I an furious about your fraudulant practices. I ecpect $53.95 to be credited to my account immedidiately. I expext to hear from you with your explaination of your fraudulant practices or You will be turned into the Federal trade Commission,Federal Bureau of investigation and i will report this to my bank. You have until the end of business day today to credit my account or you will be reported to these agencies.

    Marcie Meline

    • Yuriy says:

      @Marcie: NO! I WILL NOT BE RETURNING MONEY! I INTEND TO KEEP ALL MY MONEY! (psst… you will get more effective result by contacting *actual* company)

    • Maura Kelly says:

      Marcie, I believe you should utilize ABC MOUSE no matter what the cost!

  261. jemelle pinson says:

    Cancel my

  262. Latonya king says:

    Please get this off my account I no longer use this account stop changing my account my kids don’t use this site I want this off my account please contact me (601) 493-5164 thank u in advance

    • Yuriy says:

      Latonya, I wish I could help you, but I no longer work for ABC Mouse (to tell you the truth I never worked for them) so please contact the company. Or, you can stay on this site, but only if you’re interested in XML, JSON, ASP and other fun things.

  263. Patricia Nicole Keelin says:

    I read where it only cost 7.95 a month amd after i put in my credit card its wanting to charge me more do i canfel and get my $60 back

  264. Sarah brown says:

    I like to know how u can take money out of my bank with out asking me first my kid doesn’t even go to your site I want my money back in my bank now I will see what I can do about this if u don’t

  265. Patricia Nicole Keelin says:

    I was told i get a month free but they took $61 from my account…i want to cancel

  266. Tasi teo says:

    Out of nowhere abc was charging my account $7.95 and when I try to contact the customer support no luck then I went onto their website and it said you must login to cancel your membership but I never created an account so I tried all my emails no luck. You can’t talk to a live person or cancel the membership this has got to be the worst customer service ever and a fraud.

  267. Tired and never being able to get into my account I just want my money back I paid for a whole year and everytime I try to go into it it never accept my password and I know it’s my password

  268. Valerie puckett says:

    I want you all to put my money back on my debit card I did not tell you guys to take anything off my debit card put my money back on my card please can cancel my account

  269. Kimberly says:

    I want to cancel my account. Please

  270. Tiffany Perry says:

    I cancel ABC mouse about 3 months ago but they are still charging me I want my money back

  271. Nadine Shell says:

    I do not want this product and I do not want to be changed on my credit card

  272. Andrea Najera says:

    I cancelled my subscription a year ago and I am still seeing charges to my credit card. You need to cancel my subscription asap!

  273. RG says:

    OMG I can not believe people since 2014 asking you Yuriy to cancel their subscription and you did not saw the potential earning in it 😉

    Start taking their details and charge then $1 for getting it cancelled have some one to sit and do those calls and get the miserable people account cancelled , looking at these comments seems like they will be willing to pay you a dollar at least 😀 and trust me if you posted this in 2013 and people are still asking you for help , you are missing on some serious business skill dude… come on….

    ok apart from that thanks for the phone number 🙂 I am gona call them NOW like NOW NOW grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Yuriy says:

      It’s been fun to say the least 🙂 and oh yeah I am making tons of money on Google ads, lol. But seriously. I don’t understand some people. They must be trolling me, it couldn’t serious.

      • RG says:

        well funny but the numbers are not reachable and most of the time the so called “reps” are busy with “other customers”, I also contacted my discover card and they said once amount is posted I can dispute it and I also informed Groupon about this as I took the free offer from their site. Groupon is going to investigate it too for themselves. Unfortunately I would just cancel my credit card and ask them to reissue it to me not going to get in this trouble of keep calling these scammers. And for you Mr.Yuriy keep enjoying the free entertainment you are getting out of this 🙂 something is seriously wrong with people who ask you to fix this mess blah!

  274. Koreen winston says:

    I subscribed for abcmouse for my grandson, and found out tht my daughter already has a account. So I am trying to unsubscribe. How do I go about doing this?
    Thank you

  275. Maraelena Cervantez says:

    I need to cancel my account my kids do not like this app

  276. Chris Skowonski says:

    We signed up for 30 day free trial.
    We have been charged 61.00 on our credit card checking account. Please refund the charge.

  277. Bethany Pippin says:

    Need to cancel asap,
    Thank you,
    Bethany Pippin

  278. Judith A Spade says:

    I want to cancel abc mouse my daughter isn’t showing any interest in it. I have been trying to reach you guys for months and can not get a hold of anyone I would like my money back.

  279. Alexandria a says:

    I am being charged and I don’t even have an account with you guy.. I would like to get my money back and delete my card information out you guys system. Thank you

  280. Sara says:

    Hello two customer service at company. Sara….. had cancelled my account like 4 months ago with and today I go to use my card and I have a zero balance. I go to look up the transactions and all of a sudden out of nowhere here is a $7 and 90 some sense taken out from My card that I have is set up to where not allowed to have automatic withdrawals to be taken out without my permission. But somehow had bypass that and charge my card anyway. So with me canceling my service and them taking money off my card without my permission, I would call that theft! Now if I would do that to somebody my star star star would be in court and being sued buy them. So maybe I should do the same. I’m so sick and tired of companies saying they’re there for the customers or the customer’s always right but then they can never hold up there and and pretty much stab you in the back to make sure they get what they need and want but who cares right it’s just money. Anyway thanks I can’t pay certain bills now because I went negative and have to pay overdraft fee.

  281. Devance Brown says:

    I have been trying to contact your company the phone number is bogus so I want to cancel this ABC and if no one respond back I will get my lawyer involved.

  282. Angela Brewer says:

    Discontinue my membership 7/4/17

  283. Myrlene Eloi says:

    Please cancel my account. Thanks

  284. Ellia Fleury says:

    Hello I need to have my account canceled. I been trying to call you to have it done sooner, but I am not able to speak to any one.

  285. Emily says:

    Hi please give me a call I would like to no more about abc mouse.

  286. Tracie says:

    I need help to change my information to log in. My special needs child can’t get into the program. Please call me and help me….508-243-0919.

    • Yuriy says:

      Tracie, this is not the ABC company site, this is my personal blog. Please try using contact number mentioned at the beginning.

  287. Melissa Carver says:

    I sooooo freaking sick of your customer services!!!!! You never answer and I hold for more than 30 min I never get someone to talk to and this has been going on for 2 months. I’m done I will find a way to cancel my account since you don’t care enough to talk to your customers!! Ahwww!!

  288. Elizabeth KELLY says:

    I want to cancel my service order my name is Elizabeth Kelly
    Fredricks Ave 144
    Oceanside CA 92058

  289. Synquisity Tillman says:

    As I was logging in and paying my Fee some how another account was made && now I’ve been charged twice. I was wondering is there a way that everything could be credited to one account and delete the last account that was made. But have 2 months in stead of one since I’ve already paid for a month on both accounts.?

  290. Imbtryna cancel this never opened never use just put on their yesterday don’t want it

  291. Colleen Robertson says:

    I have been trying to cancel this for 3 months please cancel substriction now
    16612025633 ray robertson

  292. Monique Joseph says:

    I cancelled this subscription, but you all are still charging me.

  293. Ramon Chavez says:

    I need to cancel my account since the beginning of July please I need someone to contact me as soon as possible I called the number on the website and no one ever picks up 708 2289463

  294. Megan Elliott says:

    9107834305 or
    I’ve been trying to cancel my membership for the last 2 weeks online but it keeps making me register and then wants me to pay so I always quit, but today I was charged 7.95 + 3.95 and I don’t think I should be charged since I’ve been wanting out now for awhile. Please respond, cancel my trial membership & refund my money for the 2 charges
    You can reach me at the phone # listed above or either email address.
    Thank You

    Megan Elliott

  295. To whom it may concern, I would like my account canceled… Your website isnt what yall market to be. Cancel my acciunt as soon as possible

  296. Dorian says:

    9049244224 I’m calling cause y’all have been taken 743 off my card for the last 7 months I trying to find out why wen I told them I ant want it no more

  297. Mireya garibaldi says:

    I am upset with this company I cancel since January and so today they continue to take my money from my account tried to speak to the only # I found and never answer

  298. Mireya says:

    I am upset with this company I cancel since January and so today they continue to take my money from my account tried to speak to the only # I found and never answer

  299. hi is want to cancel my account with abc mouse says:

    I don’t want abc mouse any more

  300. Jorge says:

    I’m trying to cancel my subscription and I’m still on hold 17 minutes and counting.!!!!!!!! What the hell !!!!!

  301. Rachel Gonzalez says:

    I been calling to cancelled my account

  302. Rose Carroll says:

    Thank you so much, I wish I’d come across this before I paid for a year, with the promise of the first 30 days free. I too was FRUSTRATED at the fact after searching for a contract number and could not find one. I signed up for this as I believe teaching starts at home, even if no more than introducing the basic fundamentals at home, then the child feels good and is comfortable with what’s presented to them. I purchased hooked on phonics to my son and man, due to that small decision he was offered scholarships to good universities. So I know, if the internet was around then, he’d be a genius today. All this easy, accessible information/knowledge, that is at the end of our fingertips, to me, there is no excuse this new generation, the millennials no child, no school, should have ANY LOW TEST SCORES, think about it, they don’t even have to go to the library. So that’s the reason I jumped in on this despite my slight reservation about no seeing any contact info. I know the information highway, electronic, computerized, world, however, nothing but NO THING! can, will, or ever TRUMP HUMAN CONTACT, I say all this to say, it takes a special person to go through what you did, then have such a consideration to think, “let me share with others so they won’t have to experience the frustration you yourself did. I thank you tremendously, applaud you emphatically. If you have any more insight I’d love to hear it, and I hope the story, your story, has a happy ending, especially since we are kinda in the same boat together, our involvement with
    And, THANK YOU

  303. Took my money after i had already thought i canceled it which it said i did but u charged my card today put my money back

  304. Kristy says:

    I canceled my account, it should not have been billed. Then when I try to call the 1-800 number it does not work I would like my money back. And a call at 1-816-804-6112

  305. Stacie Forbis says:

    I purchased ABC mouse for my son who is 3 and he’s having a really hard time figuring out how to run the app unless I’m sitting with him. I was checking to see if we could get a refund till he is older.

  306. Andrew Padrezas says:

    To whom it may concern:
    There are so many children out there who need emergency placement due to homelessness, abuse or parents who simply do not have the means or capabilities to care for them. As foster parents, we are the ones who are there to help and give all our love and attention to these special children.
    One night as we were sitting out on the porch looking up at the sky and talking, we decided to become foster parents to children in need of emergency placement. We knew these children would need all the love, nurturing and care that we would give to our own children, until it was time for them to go. We knew that we would do this with the understanding, care and concern that we would give children who were born to us.
    As a couple, we decided to give our adult lives a special twist. You see, we love and adore children so much, that we have taken in foster children. And even though we may not be able to adopt all the children that have come to us, we have adopted three of our foster children, as seen in the picture above. (Aubrey Lynn, Alina Marie and Andrew Charles.)
    We are currently designated as a safe house for children in need for Luzerne County Children and Youth services no matter what time of the day or night.
    We currently own a 3 bedroom home, which we have out grown for the needs of these children that are still out there and are in need of a place to stay. We are considering adding on to our current home to make it bigger or try to purchase a 6 to 7 bedroom home so that we can help and take in more children who are in need of a safe haven.
    We have searched all sources of media to try to get help to do this. Unfortunately, there are no state or government resources that deal with this type of situation to help us.
    We are appealing to foundations like yours who help people in need and we would be so humbled and grateful if you could help us accomplish this goal. We would like to turn tears of sadness into tears of joy that would help make smiles last a lifetime with this miracle home. Your donation will help put smiles on the faces of these children in need of such a miracle.

    Andrew and Elayne Padrezas

  307. Teee says:

    This is so sad a company that suppose to help children learn is robbing their parents. What 1800 number? No live asst.thats crazy.. They tell u first month free then 7.95 there after but after u enter ur card u get face with 19.95 per.month and 59.95 for a yr. I didnt agree to those payment plain so I would like to see them charge me for service I am not getting. This crazy. If no one contact me and they bill my card I will report them to the BBB for being a scam.

  308. Mary Reyes says:

    I can’t log in but I was in it with the kiddos just the other day please help me kids been asking me all day for it 8303883460
    Password emeberlee1

  309. Monica Rivera says:

    I need to cancel my account. My laptop broke months ago.

  310. Monica Rivera says:

    I need to cancel my account.

  311. Maria says:

    Hello I will like to cancel I want a refund I got charged 60 dollars and it was supposed to be a 30 days for free .

  312. Maria Salcido says:

    I want a refund I was supposed to try it for free for 30 days and it charged 60 to my account.

  313. Coyleen Striegel says:

    I want to cancel my account and haven’t been able to get ahold of any one for 2 months and am getting very stressed over it!

  314. Anna Danielyan. says:

    I have been trying to cancel for awhile my son does not play. It is wrote easy cenceletion. No this is the most difficult cencelation. I want it canceled today and my money back

  315. Jonathan Puharic says:

    I do not know who set this up but I need to cancel my account

  316. Sheree Jackson says:

    I signed up for this, how do I unsubscribe? Its supposed to Be free for the 1st month and 7.95 a month and once That month is up. Well when I put my card info in it don’t give the option for anything but pay for a year or this or that. I want to unsubscribe now! What a rip off.

  317. Teodora Peneleu says:

    I forgot my email and password. I want to use a different email. I been trying to contact the abc mouse company but nobody answers.. can someone please help me to update my information. Thank you Teodora Peneleu

  318. Hi good evening I want to cancel my account I had read that it was 0 on the thing and I got charged how do I get my $ pur back on my card? Not interested in it please n thank u.

  319. Eman Jacob says:

    You guys have been charging me for four years without my permission. I didn’t renew. How come you keep charging me and as I see too many people as well? This website should refund people’s money, or get banned. You can’t expect people to use the same website for years without canceling at some point. It’s a website for preschoolers, so it maybe used for one or two years the maximum, but not forever.

  320. Donna Church says:

    I want to cancel my account. I am SO pissed that they took money from my account without me authorizing it!!! CANCEL!!!!!!!

  321. Dennis Irwin Greenwood or Dennis Irwin Bywater says:

    I request that you immediately cancel my account for either dgreenwood333@gmail or which is either Dennis Irwin Greenwood III or Dennis Irwin Bywater. Also or Robert J Bywater

  322. Dennis Irwin Greenwood or Dennis Irwin Bywater says:

    From what i have read you are a glorified thief, you had better return my $7. 95 immediately you crooks.

  323. Mary montes says: I have tried to cancel my membership last month but it didn’t let me. Please, give a me call and leave a message if I’m not answering your call. Or maybe just cancel my membership and let me its been cancelled. Thank you.

  324. Dhelma Tullao says:

    I have cancelled my account and unsubscribed from this app. I have cancelled it 2 months ago and I am still being billed. I am not sure why I am getting billed for a product that I haven’t used. Please fix this. Thank you.

  325. Sonya Phillips says:

    I want to unsubscribe from abc mouse they charge me 40 dollars suppose to been 7.95 I don’t want it no more

  326. Izia Wimbish says:

    You guys charged me 59 extra dollars for those books. I only agreed to pay the 39. Please refund back my 59dollars

  327. Amber stone says:

    I would like to discontinued using abc mouse

  328. shanda leblanc says:

    Have told them not to charge my card anymore I want to cancel. I have been emailed tickets from ABC Mouse showing thousand they still keep taking money out my account. I’m going to have my bank to dispute it. I may have to cancel or get another card to stop them. My sister told me they did her the same way kept charging her after she told them to cancel. I changed my mind with1st rep and was told my information wasn’t saved originally guess that wasn’t the truth .

  329. Contina Stovall says:

    Hello don’t why or how you guys are billing me for service that I wasn’t aware of but yall need to cancel and refund my money I never set up a account with abc mouse I don’t have children young enough to participate in this program so please refund the 2 months of service u guys charged my credit card

  330. I cancelled my subscription more than 4 months ago. I have been billed twice, last month and this month. I want a refund.

  331. I cancelled my subscription more than 4 months ago. You have billed me twice in the last two months. August and September. I want a refund from your ABC Mouse. Thank you.

  332. I cancelled my subscription to ABC Mouse more than 4 months ago. You have charged me twice in the last two months, August and September. I want a refund from your system of ABC Mouse. Please contact me immediately. Thank you

  333. Jacqueline Addison says:

    I would like to cancel abcmouse tried calling however hasn’t bn able to contact a customer service representative

  334. Tessa says:

    Please cancel my account

  335. King says:

    the hassle of trying to help

  336. Tammy Hill says:

    I am so mad because I cancel this account and they still took money off my card.

  337. I woul wood like to cancel my account. Please refund my money

  338. I’m have tried calling twice now to cancel my ABC mouse subscription. My child does not use the app because he hasn’t learned from it. I messaged you once. Stop billing me!!

  339. I want to discontinue my subscription with ABC mouse. I no longer want to be bulked for something my child doesn’t use. Thank you!

  340. Stephanie Manios says:

    I thought I cancelled my subscription. To abc mouse

  341. Jessica says:

    I been trying to get ahold of someone to talk to on the phone i got billed on my card $12 and something cents and never even signed up for this site i want my money back

  342. Jessica says:

    You’ll have been charging my card never have i giving you’ll my information to sign up i need my money back this stupid getting charged for something i dont use or know how im being charged for it

  343. Norma macias says:

    I need to candle my daughters doesn’t get attracted

  344. Brittany dorsey says:

    Why is money Ben taking out of my account

  345. Donna Carnahan says:

    My name is donna carnahan and i am being charged for abcmouse and i did not order it….. Pls call me asap at 409-344-6403 thanks

  346. kiera white says:

    the above number does not work. i want to unsubscribe and a full refund. i never signed up for subscription in the first place. i have been trying to unsubscribe for months and this is getting ridiculous. i have no use for this subscription.

  347. kiera white says:


  348. Amber Thornton says:

    What a rip off they said first month free but they charged my card $59 then they caharged my card again in the same day for $39 and plus $1 they are crooks i want my money back in my account this is a bunch of bs abc mouse isnt but a bunch of theves

  349. jodi hollandsworth says:

    I have a charge on my bank account pending ABC MOUSE

  350. Jomarie Hollandsworth says:

    CANCEL my account..please refund

  351. Martha Obondi says:

    Plsease not taking money off my card. I did not authorized this fee. So please stop. Put the fee back on my card. I will send the BBB regarding my acct if you dont stop. Cancel this account.

  352. Daniel Reyes mejia says:

    I’m tried to cancel my account but I can get a number to contact with you guys

  353. Please stop my subscription to ABC Mouse, effective today, 10/2/2017. My phone number is 210-823-3405.

  354. Maria Acevedo says:

    That number is wrong

  355. I need to cancel my account, my daughters don’t like it and I’ve tried calling you guys 3 times!

  356. Tiara Ray says:

    I would like to cancel my account

  357. How do u cancel my account I don’t want it know more

  358. Hello I would like my account canceled today my son doesn’t like it i don’t want to pay for it if he has never used it thanks

  359. Niamalika King says:

    How come i cant cancel nd that number they are giving képs saying they are closed so can you talk to someone about your account

  360. Allison Celestine says:

    I’m so hard to get a response from this company I want to cancel my account asap!

  361. Denise says:

    I need u to put my money back on my card we was having a lot of problems trying to get the app on his tablet it will not it will not install I have not used it at all even for the free trail

  362. Gracie roman says:

    I’ve been trying to cancel my account and it doesn’t let me! I need it canceled and my money back plys!! Thank you

  363. Tyanna Burks says:

    I want a refund and to Cancel my subscription

  364. Tyanna Burks says:

    When will I get my refund?

  365. Sally mcauley says:

    I would like to cancel my account and get a refund cause I have asked yous to cancel it before and u still haven’t

  366. Courtney Armstead says:

    I need someone to call me as soon as possible. I unsubscribed my account over 2 months ago and they are still charging my card. I do not use the services and will not use the services because it doesn’t work accurately or provide half the stuff that advertised. I have been calling that 18006333331 and everyday they are closed, even if you call during business hours. It’s funny how the website was quick and easy to access a credit card number and send emails, but I cannot get one response to me unsubscribing.

  367. Carmen says:

    I’m so mad! I wanna flip out! No way of getting ahold of these ppl to cancel. And it was suppose to be free for the first month. I haven’t used it because it’s way to confusing for my 2 yr old. I’m so on fire. This is so unprofessional. I call and you tell me your hours yet don’t answer.

  368. Amanda says:

    I was bill but cancel it before my time was up. I would like a refund of the 29.99.. Call me at 9037207154..

  369. Yall bill me twice i need know why

  370. I want to cancel my account on abcmouse. Com

  371. Constance says:

    How do I make a payment

  372. Ashely Current says:

    I am very interested in using ABC mouse. I have 7 children 5 of which can use it but I hav a couple questions.
    What is the cost of we choose yearly ?
    Would it continually use data. We have limited internet so that is something we would like to find out.
    So if you could please answer these questions it would be great!
    Thank you

  373. Sarah Owens says:

    I have been trying to reach ABC Mouse for a while.I have not been able to use it every since I.submitted to the program.You have been taking 19.95 out of my account for a year.I would really like for you to refund my money.I have tried several time to stop it but you are still taking it out.

  374. Imanwal says:

    Very bad costumer service no on answer you you will be on hold for hours and no way to cancel your service

  375. Kenyatta Brown says:

    I need for you guys to contact me immediately because there has been two charges on my card for the month’s of September and October and I’ve asked for the account to be deactivate because I do not use it I did not use it pass the 30-day trial there should not have been any charges on my card I want both payments back and or no more charges to be made thanks

  376. James Kirkwood says:

    i canceled my account and they still charging me

  377. Bresha says:

    Abc mouse is a scam scam scam . No one answers your phone calls and they charged me 2 times in one month. My son do not use it anymore it’s a waste of money .

  378. Bresha says:

    Finally got in contact with ABC mouse , the 800 number do work . Thanks to that lovely lady name Pam .

  379. Rosetta Bryant says:

    very upset to that I’ve been on line waiting for customer to answer, at 3:10pm I called, as am typing this am still on hold.
    I called in August to have this service cancelled, they still taking it out my account, I hope that others red my common to not get their service. It’s sad that they have no one has answered their phone.

  380. Christina Roberts says:

    I cancelled my account I’m september and I’m still getting charged and if you go in the app it still says I have an account and it won’t let me cancel it again

  381. Ashley says:

    Phone number doesnt work so why post it? Probably bc people want their money back like i do!

  382. Ashley says:


  383. Emily says:

    I want to cancel my account. It is very hard to
    Call, nobody answer the phone. Can u call me back asap, telephone 917-932-3853

  384. I stop this but I am Getting charged

  385. LAURENE says:

    THANKS Yuryi……ive been searching hi and low for an actual CONTACT NUMBER .

  386. LAURENE says:

    syndrome666 SAME THING just happened to me this morning when I thought I was signing up for a free trial…instead if free.99 it was $60!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m referring them to the BBB.

  387. Bobbie Sanchez says:

    You have been taking money out of my account and we discontinued services how do I get this taken care of??

  388. Wilma stringer says:

    Decided not to cancel. Wilma stringer email address is
    Phone 3143060285 Thank you!

  389. Marina says:

    I want to unsubscribe, how do i go by doing so

  390. Amani salih says:

    My daughter no longer use abcmouse so please cancelled this account

  391. Jermond johnson says:

    I want to cancel my order, my name is jermond johnson. The last 4 numbers on my card 1573.

  392. ALICIA says:

    I need my money back i dont even use this app and when i called mycard they told me yall is the ones thats been takeing all my money off my card thats y i dont never have my money on mycard i want my refund back i been canceled this account

  393. Steven Perez says:

    I cancelled my account but there still a charge for a penny on my PayPal account he took off the more expensive charge but you didn’t take off the penny charge I need you to take that Penny charge off of my account I’ll be calling at 6 a.m. today just to make sure but it should never hit my bank I cancelled both things and you guys only cancel one of them so cancel the penny account to thank you

  394. Amani salih says:

    I want to terminate abc mouse my daughter don’t useit any more so please cancelled and don’t charged my accountamani salih

  395. Sheila Sherman says:

    I’d like to know what computer with a rubber guard for safety my 2 and a half year old son needs to start ABCMOUSE.COM . There are multiple ones for sell at Best Buy . Do you sell the correct computer ? Please get back with me so we can get started learning .

  396. asma alharby says:

    I want to cancel it my son doesn’t like it !

  397. Carla Wilson-Redden says:

    I would like to cancel my account

  398. Laura says:

    My daughter went to their site and intended to join. She entered her information but then was confused concerning the company’s options for billing. She proceeded no further and waited to ask me for my opinion.
    I saw the same thing that caused her to take pause and I told her to ask a reporter to clarify it for her. She said that she would but would just get back to it later.
    Fast forward several months and she discovered while reviewing her account that ABC has been taking 7.95 once and sometimes twice a month for about four months!
    Surprised, and assuming she must have a membership, she went on line but wasn’t able to log in; rather she was prompted to choose how she wanted to have the money debited! Interestingly enough, the denomination of 7.95 a month (or twice a month) was not even an in yet that’s what has been coming out of my daughter’s account!
    This is illegal, isn’t it? Accessing a bank account without permission and siphoning off funds!
    Someone needs to get to the bottom of this and then needs to be held accountable!!
    Who knows who else this has, is, or will be victimized!!

  399. MS OMA says:


  400. sandy roberts says:

    I have tried to call several times and only on hold for 20 minutes or more. I also have tried to contact you online. Sometimes I get an email, but nothing resolved. Please call me 843-384-7299. I need to speak to someone on my account.
    Don’t email please call.

  401. Linda Hubbard says:

    Please cancel my subscription I haven’t had internet for six months my email lfhubb@icloud . Com Linda Hubbard

  402. Maria Juarez says:

    I canceled my account and they keep charging me every month how can I end that

  403. Can you guys refund my money for the past 6 months you’ve been taking? I’ve been canceled my account and nobody has contacted me back. This is a scam and somebody needs to take action on this site. I haven’t received no type of books or nothing for my kids I just want all my money back and for you guys to stop taking money out my account every freakin month please and thank you.

  404. I have been trying to cancel my account for some time and nothing seems to be working. I am going to contact my credit card company and report abc mouse as a scam and report to BBB. It shouldn’t be this difficult to cancel a subscription.

  405. Mariem says:

    If you call this number you will talk to a Robot you will net get a real person. So disappointed with their costumer service.

  406. Priscilla Weems says:

    I have been telling you to stop because I don’t want it anymore because she beyond ABC mouse for com so will you not take anymore payment off my card thank you Mrs. Weems

  407. Yes this is Brenda thomas @ I ordered for my granddaughter a month ago @ payment of 59.95 came out of my checking acct. @ I still haven’t recieved the merchandise. Really concerned

  408. Norma Lainez says:

    Hello! Call me immediately
    Cause you take $29.95 from my Visa card
    I buy abc mouse only done time! Not for the year
    I need my money back
    Call me 909 446 9485

  409. Amanda says:

    NotifI have been trying too cancel my subsribsion for months I need someone too call me back 3067260065

  410. I have already tried to cancel my account and you guys are still charging me. I would like my. 8 dollars back.

  411. I don’t know who used my card I want now 2 months back I have a copy of lastmonth I asked to close

  412. It’s in reality a great and useful piece of info.
    I am glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us
    up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  413. Holly Mabry says:

    Hi would like to cancel my account

  414. Lori Miranda says:

    I canceled my account way back in march. Now they started taking out $13 a month out of my account since august. I dont have a account. My bank keeps reversing charges. $52 that’s what I am owed. I sent a email yesterday, they charged me again today!

  415. Lori Miranda says:

    I am being charged $13 a month since august. I cancelled a account back in march. My bank is reversing charges now. Just yesterday. Then they charged me again today! Right now I am owed $52

  416. Maryrollinson says:

    I’m trying to get though to cancel abc mouse because my grandson doesn’t stay at my house anymore and I’m wondering why they want to charge me to cancel.I tried to cancel a couple of mouths ago but idon’t guess it worked because they took apayment out of my checking please help

  417. Carolyn Koons says:

    Why did this icon appear on my phone? I dont have a child and am over 70. Please reply because I dont want to be billed.

  418. Kathleen Ardoin says:

    I want my subscription cancelled as of today, 01/10/18 and the refund sent in whatever manner that you are able. Please notify me when this is handled. Thank you. My email is and phone number 972-935-7794

  419. Keasha Brown says:

    I will like to cancel my abc mouse subscription

  420. Paramjeet says:

    Want to stop this app now.

  421. Natashia Benda says:

    I need my account canceled as soon as possible!

  422. Tamari Tracey says:

    I need to cancel my account my son doesn’t even use it anymore and you have been changing me take me off now

  423. Sarah Askarifard says:

    Hi, I want to cancel this account from my bank account my kids don’t play with this app anymore .

  424. Emolin says:

    I need to cancel this abc mouse. My kids don’t like it and they don’t want anything to do with it.

  425. Paulia White says:

    My name is paulia white I have been trying to reach some one since monday I left message no one get back to me, I would like to cancel my contract effective now. I can be reach at 813_267_6768. Thanks my email is

  426. Marie A Vowell says:

    I am so mad, these people have been charging my card and I can’t get a hold of them. Thanks for the number. Closed as of now but I we will be trying during normal business hours

  427. Emily clouse says:

    I have a complaint about your commercial with the mother saying “my son had a heart defect and i was worried he was gonna fall behind”. First off she is trying to say that children with heart defects are not that smart and have a learning disability witch that has nothing to do with the brain. Second off my brother had a heart defect and he was a very smart child. He passed away from it. He will never be able to learn again or even get married. I mean good for her son that he is healthy but what about all the other families out there who lost their child from this defect. They have to remember their son or daughter will never learn again because they have passed on.

  428. Richard Birden says:

    I have contacted ABC Mouse on several occasions and asked that my account be canceled and that I stop receiving bills. ABC Mouse has verbally as well as emailed confirmation that the account has been canceled and that no further charges will come out however it has continued. I have spoken with several who again and again assured me the problem was resolved but it has not been. I have emails saved and when I have called I have been on hold for over an hour. Now the phone number is not working accurately. I understand the cost is only 3.95 however it is my money and we are not using your service. I will contact the BBB if this problem is not rectified immediately. Due to this chain of unfortunate events I will never recommend this site to anyone. If you cannot accurately fix simple issues how can you accurately educate our children. Rectify the issue immediately.

  429. Simone Goncalves says:

    This costume service number doesn’t work !!!
    800 633 33 31 .I can’t login to my Account.

  430. Simone Goncalves says:

    The costume service number is not working!!

  431. Cancel my oder for abcmouse emedially please I’m no interested in it now.

  432. Erica Luckett says:

    I want to cancel my membership

  433. Erica Luckett says:

    Cancel my membership

  434. Naftely says:

    Hey I would like to cancel my account.

  435. Kathy l Walker says:

    I thought i had won a prize and somehow i was charged without knowing until i cheked my #.Please cancel my account as I authorized nothing!#

  436. Jacqueline Renee Washington says:

    I been trying to cancel my account for about a year in I haven’t been able to now you guys a charging me. How can I get my money back. Thanks for your time.

  437. Bo says:

    This is the funniest thing I have read in the longest time! Apparently some parents need an educational program more than their children. Thank you for posting the number. I would like to appologize for the ignorance in the comments section, I too have lost faith in the American people. Ignorance has never been a cool or attractive feature people!

  438. Kathy l Walker says:

    Please disenrolle me.I never needed this .

  439. Zaena says:

    How do you change the grade level

  440. Tameka Robinson says:

    Good evening I want to cancel my account

  441. Natasha Fuller says:

    I haven’t used abc mouse ever. Two years ago I signed my daughter up for the trial and I’ve been trying to cancel every since then. I looked at my account today and you all have charged my account $60 again after I called last year and you all said it was canceled!

  442. Pedro Alvarez says:

    Hi ABC people! I need some body to call me and help me as soon as posible, i open an account before, several months ago but my son did not like the page, I thought this was going to cancel in 30 days and it didn’t, I been charge every month even more then what I thought I was supposed to pay, I appreciate if I can get my money back, thanks!

  443. Hi my name is Latarsha Venters,
    And and I would like to cancel the program

  444. Jasmine Sanchez says:

    Hello I would like a refund please for an amount that came out of my account that should’ve been taken out.

  445. Malissa Mae Hill says:

    Abc took out 9.99 out of met account. I canceled in June of 2018. Malissa Mae Hill

  446. Derek says:

    Oh!!! i am really irritated never been associated with them ever, called the # tells me to keep goingback to the web site. Same thing all day and still no answers haven’t even talked to a real person. They better start giving me answers soon.

  447. Kathleen Chaney says:

    I don’t want this app anymore stop taking money out of my account

  448. paula says:

    Ive been wanting to be disconnected from abcmouse. I sign up using my husband account info. My daughter dont like abcmouse, she loves instead, itsmore than a year now that we are not using it . I cant get ahold of any of representative.

  449. Florence Sourie says:

    I will like to cancel my account

  450. Jessica says:

    I canceled my account and every month ABC mouse is still coming out… and it’s been like 6 months..

  451. Sara Bates says:

    These have to be people trolling, right?

    ABC mouse charged me for a full year about a year after I cancelled my account. I tried to log in but I couldn’t because my account was cancelled so I contacted them about the unauthorized charge and they said I could cancel my account but they couldn’t give me any refunds for anything. I ended up having to contest it with my credit card company and blocked any future charges from them.

  452. Ana Castaneda says:

    I want to cancel my account please

  453. I put in my payment info and however did not click the submit button because I declined to get the program. It said I would get 30 days free then once I put my payment info in, it said I would be charged right now. Do not charge my card for I declined getting the ABC MOUSE PROGRAM. If I can’t getting to try first. No thank you. Please don’t charge my card for I declined this purchase. Andrea Dozier

  454. A unsubscrided human that they keep charging says:

    Pervs never said anything about sneaking in your house. Quite a few crimes here.

  455. Francisca Tuku says:

    My kids do not like your Services, I pay 1 year subscription $59.40, please cancel my Subscription this minute and refund my money please, its ridiculous no number to call and complain, please call me back ASAP I do not need it no mo6i need my money back, email, cellphone number is 8325121049, will appreciate a refund and call back or email, ASAp thanks

  456. Sarah Grout says:

    It won’t download the app it’s no good for only 9.95$ a month good thought though for the kids and even teachers adults teachers can do extra learning than school with the spare time I’ll find another learning program. I’ll get my money back or cancel too though.

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