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ABCMouse.com contact number is 800-633-3331

By , 02/07/2013 11:50 AM

ABCMouse.com offers teaching games for kids. Some like them, some don’t – it’s a matter of taste and preference. What really sucks about the site is their contacts – they never respond to emails, and online contact form isn’t of much use either. And nowhere on the site they list phone number for a contact.

Fortunately such number does exist:


And when you call it, surprisingly, you get to speak to a live person, who resolves your problems pretty quickly.


I feel really silly posting this disclaimer, but due to numerous comments here it is: I am in no way associated with ABCMouse.com. I myself had a bad experience with their service and when I found their direct phone number I decided to share it with the others to spare them the frustration I went through. So, again, I am not charging your card, I cannot cancel your account, please CONTACT THE COMPANY VIA NUMBER ABOVE!


Since visitors here continue to complain and ask advice, I decided to open a message board (forum) where users can exchange experiences and ask for advice.

  1. Please register first: http://forum.galanter.net/ucp.php?mode=register
  2. And login to post question/answers here: http://forum.galanter.net/viewforum.php?f=4

Never mind.

460 Responses to “ABCMouse.com contact number is 800-633-3331”

  1. Tracey says:

    I would like to cancel and j have tried the phone number and still no answer can anyone help me please I don’t know what else to do

  2. Karen says:

    Unbelievable ! These people should keep the program and use it themselves! I gave the number to my neighbor this morning, hopefully she resolves her problems with them. Thank you for all the info you supplied!

  3. Sopio says:

    STOP charging me I canceled 12/2014 and they still charging me an ontop of that I just notice they r charging me twice a week 8 and 18 th its crazy

  4. M Kelly says:

    I’m an awful person but these comments always make me laugh. Can you even count how many times you have been asked to cancel a membership??! What about the actual number being in your website’s name is so confusing for people?????

  5. Yuriy says:

    I just keep this up so I won’t gain my hope in humanity. Though internally I do hope that these people are simple trolling. Because if not – this planet has no future.

  6. M Kelly says:

    I aggree yikes!!!!

  7. Colleen says:

    I was having gliching and freezing. So I phoned the number above. I was told that the game has been developed around the Mozilla Fox browser and so I should use that. I did and everything worked perfectly!

  8. Patricia Barber says:

    I would like to cancel my account.. Please do not take money from my account.

  9. rashmi says:

    pls stop my services immediately, it is disappointing that without my permission every month you are deducting a amount from my account. pls stop this and revert back money of past 2 month…pls call me on 9910780082…because ur phone number is fake

  10. Yuriy says:

    @rashmi – unfortunately we cannot do this “immediately”, it’s not that easy. Have you ever tried to break a car running at 80Mph? There’s such a thing as deceleration trajectory. Things are complicated by gravitational pull of nearby systems as well. Please be patient and bear with us for the duration of the impending collision. Thank you for your cooperation and have a good day.

  11. Rebecca Lovett says:

    Bullshit. I’ve called this number
    It will not let you connect to a live person!

  12. Linda says:

    This “automatic renewal” is a bunch of crap. Don’t do the subscription. They refuse to cancel unless you cancel within the year the account is active. It showed up on my charge again as “pending,” When I called ABC to get the “pending transaction” cancelled I was told that I could not cancel until the next renewal period. This company is a rip off. Half the time the site does not even work.

  13. Debbie says:

    I want to cancel couldn’t get in contact with the co.!help!!!!

  14. Justin leFakeSurname says:

    ARE YOU ALL THIS STUPID????????????????? If you can’t by NOW FIGURE OUT that THIS PERSON IS NOT ABCMOUSE THEN YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR ACCOUNTS DRAINED. If anyone is wondering why they are losing money, behold the nugget of nastiness found in their user agreement:

    “We may change any fee or charge at any time in our sole discretion.”

    This screams scam. This means that they can charge you any amount they want at any time without consulting anyone! If on the off chance that they still refuse to stop charging you, behold some more law goodness:

    which says “…you do have the right to cancel directly with your card issuer. Once you have done this, it must stop payments immediately – it cannot insist that you agree this with the company taking the payment first.”

    This applies to any payment charged to your account. In short, go to your bank and tell them your problems, and they will force the cessation of all payments you idiots subscribed to.

  15. ann says:

    this number is really worked.. i been trying to cancel it for long time..i did it just today to call this number and real ppl answering it and taking care my cancellation..such a relief

  16. Michelle sass says:

    Please cancel my order this is michelle sass michellesass03@gmail.com I had cancel yesterday but didn’t her from your but your got my money

  17. Sandra says:

    Thank YOU for Sharing the phone number!!! Got my refund.

    Love your responses for people who can’t read that YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COMPANY!

  18. Kasanilisa Massey says:

    Cancelled the app and service want to make sure I do not get charged any extra fees

  19. Barsh howard says:

    Well i did sign up with abc mouse just to try it out for my 2 children, they didnt use it much so i decided to cancel it and i call the number provided 800-633-3331 and they tell me they dont refund i was not aware that i would be billed when i signed up they billed me $1.00 and a month later $7.95 thats not good customer service and in no way did they try to work with me they gladly take your moneu whether you were satisfied with their site or not. Well thank you abc mouse you really did not help my kids with your “Great” site

    Best regards, former customer

  20. Hello I’ve ust recently bought abc mouse for my grandchildren now having the worse time logging in!!!!!?.!!!!

  21. Hello,

    Would like to cancel my membership..

    Thank you

  22. Naketha Mcvae says:

    Hello, yes I would like to speak with some one about charging my Account Two times , when it clearly say first month free… I would like to cancel my Account and get my money back on my card Asap please?!

  23. Naketha Mcvae says:

    Hello, I would like to cancel my account because it said first month free, but instead y’all charged my card , so I would like to see my money back on my card and my account canceled..please get back with and let me know how this work Asap.

  24. Alvin Corpening says:

    I filed a 1 year subscription on 8/25/16 around 3pm EDT. I put this my credit card for great grand daughter Madison Corpening. I have not received an e-mail receipt. Please let me know if it has been processed and how we can access your program each day.

  25. Javier says:

    I want to cancel my ABC account know

  26. samantha says:

    I would like to cancel my account and would like my money back the 7.95 and the 3.95. Maybe I guys should get a number so people can call. Don’t just charge people’s cards

  27. Jose Beltran says:

    I canceled my subscription a while back but I’m still getting charged. Can someone contact me to confirm my cancelation.

  28. Becky Gallagher says:

    Cancel my account. !!! Please.

  29. Ashley Graffread says:

    I was charged and I cancelled my memebership a month ago

  30. Leslie says:

    I have tried a hundred times to get ahold of these people they keep charging my card and I have no used the app in over 7 months!!

  31. Chris says:

    It says you wont be billed until after the 30 days is up. So why do you have to have money in your account to get the free trial. Its a scam…..

  32. Kristina hill says:

    Need to cancel account and need to know if I was charged after free trail. ASAP and how much was charged

  33. ANUMELA ISMAIL says:

    I wanna cancel and get my refund. NOW

  34. Quilla says:

    Omg, “And when you call it, surprisingly, you get to speak to a live person, who resolves your problems pretty quickly,” “pretty quickly”??!!

  35. Yuriy says:

    @Quilla: Yes, quickly as in fastly or rapidlyly.


  36. Sandy says:

    I want to cancel my account .

  37. Audra says:

    Call Age of Learning, Inc., at the following number for immediate assistance in cancelling your ABCmouse.com subscription:
    If you call any other number you will be met with a recording stating that all of the customer service reps are unavailable and they will call you back in the order your call was received after leaving a message. My call went unreturned.

  38. Naomi j says:

    I would like to cancel my account

  39. Johanna says:

    I’m so frustrated with this abcmouse.com thing. I wanted to sign up for the free 30 day trial but I was charged 59.95 and another 39.95 that I do not know why. I have been on the phone for 1hr:30min. Will try this number that Audra suggested. I’m so frustrated.

  40. Johanna says:

    Thank you very much Audra. This number you provided worked great I had been on the phone for almost two hours waiting to be answered. They were very helpful. Before I called I tried to change my attitude because I was frustrated. Thanks again and have a great day.

  41. shanita gabriel says:

    Can u please cancel my account immediately

  42. Krysten says:

    I spoke to someone last month, October 2016… a payment was taken out of my account, unauthorized and now a month later I try and call to speak to someone. although the message says that people are eager to speak with you, you are NEVER given the opportunity to pick the option to speak to someone. I tried going through picking the tech support option, but they just keep you on hold and you never get a person. of course they are eager to draft your money out of your account, but you have to wait, first for someone to respond to you email then wait a second time for someone to refund you the money they should NEVER HAVE TAKEN!

  43. Solida chan Rayes says:

    Hi my Solida Rayes. I need to cancel my account. Because my children does not go on ABC, now I need my closed please thank you.

    Thank you.
    Solida Rayrs.

  44. Barbara Fair says:

    I would like to cancel my membership for ABC mouse for December payment to my PayPal my phone number is 313-457-3559 Barbara Fair email sweetb241979@yahoo.com thank u….

  45. Hi yall charge me a 1.00 on my card an my membership pose to b free for 30 days plz reply bk

  46. Golda MiddaghMacomber says:

    Hi, I would like to cancel my membership immediately. Please cancel my membership so that I don’t get charge the upcoming month.
    Thank you.

  47. Fe vizcaino says:

    You guys have a good app for kids but I decided to stop using it and you guys keep charging my bank account please stop I am done with ABC Mouse

  48. Ingrid says:

    I would like to cancel my accounts

  49. Yolanda Whiteside says:

    You guys taking money off my card and I just started my free trial I need my money back on my card. I’m sick will heart disease very sick. If you guys don’t put my money on my card I’m going to call a lawyer.

  50. Yolanda Whiteside says:

    Tomorrow I’m talking to a lawyer to sue you guys if my money not on my card in the morning.

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