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ABCMouse.com contact number is 800-633-3331

By , 02/07/2013 11:50 AM

ABCMouse.com offers teaching games for kids. Some like them, some don’t – it’s a matter of taste and preference. What really sucks about the site is their contacts – they never respond to emails, and online contact form isn’t of much use either. And nowhere on the site they list phone number for a contact.

Fortunately such number does exist:


And when you call it, surprisingly, you get to speak to a live person, who resolves your problems pretty quickly.


I feel really silly posting this disclaimer, but due to numerous comments here it is: I am in no way associated with ABCMouse.com. I myself had a bad experience with their service and when I found their direct phone number I decided to share it with the others to spare them the frustration I went through. So, again, I am not charging your card, I cannot cancel your account, please CONTACT THE COMPANY VIA NUMBER ABOVE!


Since visitors here continue to complain and ask advice, I decided to open a message board (forum) where users can exchange experiences and ask for advice.

  1. Please register first: http://forum.galanter.net/ucp.php?mode=register
  2. And login to post question/answers here: http://forum.galanter.net/viewforum.php?f=4

Never mind.

460 Responses to “ABCMouse.com contact number is 800-633-3331”

  1. Yuriy says:

    Yolanda. Yolanda. I wanted to utter another sarcastic wise-ass remark, but at the last moment decided not to.
    Yolanda. You do realize this site isn’t ABC Mouse, but some random guy blog? You understand that you’re replying to a post written almost 4 years ago? Please tell me that you do.

  2. Markeisha Booker says:

    I’d like to cancel my service. Please stop charging my card. I need a refund for the last transaction and the one from last month. This is my second time calling about this issue. Please have someone call me (Markeisha Booker) 770-572-0137 to cancel services. Thanks

  3. Markeisha Booker says:

    I would like to cancel my account and get reimbursed for 2 months. Thanks

  4. I want cancel my account. Now I have not received any information or any books .please refund my money right away.

  5. Cheryl Freeman says:

    please cancel and return my money immediately … I do not want or need your services. I want this done immediately..
    Thank You ,

    Cheryl Duffer Freeman


    your 800633-3331 nevernevernever answer…. You have the worst customer service ever. I can not signon to ABCMOUse.. My child can not use the site. I have tried everything to contact someone there..I am not paying for another year of ABCMouse and my child does use it. I did this last year.I have supplied you with every email that I own. I am starting to believe that you don’t want my service and are robbing me of my money.

  7. Marilyn Bracher says:

    I had Canceled my account around 2 years ago and haven’t used it but your company has been charging my credit card.. I would like a REFUND plus Stop Charging my Credit Card
    Dylan Bracher’s Accoung

  8. Beatriz rodriguez says:

    Hi i called too cancel my membership bt it a holiday today .. so today was my last day too cancel can u please :. Note that i called today 12/24/16 so i wont get charged tomorrow.. please contact me

  9. Angela Smith says:

    I have been trying to cancel my membership for over two years. It is a must that this membership be cancelled and I receive my credit card reimbursement. I have contacted this company several times. After the trial membership, I specifically stated to cancel my membership. However, to no avail I have been unsuccessful.

  10. Saumya says:

    @Yuriy I dont ever comment on such threads but i just had too! If you are reading this…Man you have an amazing amount of patience! Kudos to you for actually reading what these silly people have been commenting. I had the best laugh of my life! showed it to my husband, we havent stopped laughing since. I cant believe people can be that silly! This just restored my faith in humanity that i can still laugh at the monstrous stupidity that exists around me!

  11. Desiree Trahan says:

    Yellow need to cancel my subscription and reimbursement because you keep putting my bank account in the negative and I tried more than one time cancel my subscription

  12. DEMETRIA BELL says:


  13. Dia doss says:

    Do anyone have a better number for them. I canceled my account during the free trial and I’m still getting charged. Someone returning my damn money. Or I calling an the news.

  14. Nichole says:

    I want to cancel my account. It worked the first month and that is it!!

  15. Neliza Baluyut says:

    I want t cancel my subscription. I am being deducted for months but we are not using the site.

  16. Diane says:

    Good morning my name is Diane an I wanted asked a question ❓ you sending money order for bill payments

  17. Kitsia wynter says:

    Hello my name is kitsia wynter. I signed up for ABC mouse for my girls and I am having trouble with the math part they’re are not able. To do the math work because it’s froze on them. I have called already and did everything I was told to fix it can you please contact me to figure another way to fix this problem.

  18. Guillermo Zavala Jr. says:

    My name is Guillermo Zavala Jr and I have an account for my 5 yr old granddaughter. I am paying $19. a month.
    Question: I want to enroll my 2 yr old granddaughter. Do I need to enroll her in another account or can I add her to the existing account? Do I need to pay additional money?

  19. Yuriy says:

    Guillermo, this site is not associated wit ABC Mouse, you need to contact them directly.

  20. Andrea says:

    My email is andreared@yahoo.com . You are billing me every month . This is for a program in don’t have. If did before then it’s not on now. Please you need to refund me or contact me as soon as possible. You can imagine the shock I got when check my credit card bill and see this. I am going to report this and also have to go to the bank.

  21. Yuriy says:

    @Andrea I am sorry, but I am not the one billing you. This site is not associated with ABC Mouse. You need to contact them via number shown in the post.

  22. Luz Farfan says:

    I never renewed the contract so why are you taking money out of my account I am trying to call you nobody’s answering

  23. Yuriy says:

    I am not taking your money, Luz.

  24. sharon martin says:

    I have not and will not use yalls service someone hamckws into my debit card so y’all need to give me my money back y’all took from me . I have never heard of y’all until today when i reached the company where I have my card.y’all took off my money at 5:30 this money twice.the authroties is already looking into this so be yalls best bet and give me my money back.

  25. sharon martin says:

    I don’t even have what ever this is . and u took money off my card one minute is 7.95 and also almost 4.00 without my permission I have the police looking into your so called web site and u have 5 days to remberse my money or you will lose ur. Web site I’m not playing and by the looks of things neither is anyone else. I’m not very happy about this. And if I don’t get my money back at least I won’t have ur so called web site anymore I am putting a stop to it . remember u have 5 days to put my money back on my card or I will have no web site check they may take it down anyways cause ur a fraud

  26. Rosa Delmy Guevara says:

    I don’t want this service no more it’s really bad u need to cancel…please stop charges on my card

  27. Yuriy says:

    I am afraid I cannot do this, Rosa.

  28. Artur says:

    This guys are thieves and bastard abusers. I get access in this website last year in free three months period. Because nothing works in their website, I asked to be removed. However they charged me. Called and asked money back, nothing happened. No money back. I even don’t have access anymore in this website and they got the money from my credit card again. No way to contact them and resolve the problem. Bastard pilfers.

  29. Please refund my money.

  30. I cancel my account never used it. Please refund my money.

  31. Donna Poe says:

    Please cancel please.

    Donna Poe
    909 477 7333

  32. Peggy Anderson says:

    Please cancel my subscription or membership.

  33. Marcie meline says:

    I signed up for your $1.00 trial throug a promo for a trial for a free free $1000 gift card by answering a few questioms. Your company was on that trial offering a trial period of ypur product for $1.00. You billef the the 1.00 plus 19.95. Which put my account into oberdraft. The ovetdraft charge is $35.00 throuh Jpmorgan chase bank.This fee put my account into into overfraft by $35.00. I an furious about your fraudulant practices. I ecpect $53.95 to be credited to my account immedidiately. I expext to hear from you with your explaination of your fraudulant practices or You will be turned into the Federal trade Commission,Federal Bureau of investigation and i will report this to my bank. You have until the end of business day today to credit my account or you will be reported to these agencies.

    Marcie Meline

  34. Yuriy says:

    @Marcie: NO! I WILL NOT BE RETURNING MONEY! I INTEND TO KEEP ALL MY MONEY! (psst… you will get more effective result by contacting *actual* company)

  35. Maura Kelly says:

    Marcie, I believe you should utilize ABC MOUSE no matter what the cost!

  36. jemelle pinson says:

    Cancel my

  37. Yuriy says:

    @Jemelle I wish I could

  38. Latonya king says:

    Please get this off my account I no longer use this account stop changing my account my kids don’t use this site I want this off my account please contact me (601) 493-5164 thank u in advance

  39. Patricia Nicole Keelin says:

    I read where it only cost 7.95 a month amd after i put in my credit card its wanting to charge me more money..how do i canfel and get my $60 back

  40. Sarah brown says:

    I like to know how u can take money out of my bank with out asking me first my kid doesn’t even go to your site I want my money back in my bank now I will see what I can do about this if u don’t

  41. Patricia Nicole Keelin says:

    I was told i get a month free but they took $61 from my account…i want to cancel

  42. Tasi teo says:

    Out of nowhere abc was charging my account $7.95 and when I try to contact the customer support no luck then I went onto their website and it said you must login to cancel your membership but I never created an account so I tried all my emails no luck. You can’t talk to a live person or cancel the membership this has got to be the worst customer service ever and a fraud.

  43. Tired and never being able to get into my account I just want my money back I paid for a whole year and everytime I try to go into it it never accept my password and I know it’s my password

  44. Valerie puckett says:

    I want you all to put my money back on my debit card I did not tell you guys to take anything off my debit card put my money back on my card please can cancel my account

  45. Kimberly says:

    I want to cancel my account. Please

  46. Tiffany Perry says:

    I cancel ABC mouse about 3 months ago but they are still charging me I want my money back

  47. Nadine Shell says:

    I do not want this product and I do not want to be changed on my credit card

  48. Andrea Najera says:

    I cancelled my subscription a year ago and I am still seeing charges to my credit card. You need to cancel my subscription asap!

  49. RG says:

    OMG I can not believe people since 2014 asking you Yuriy to cancel their subscription and you did not saw the potential earning in it πŸ˜‰

    Start taking their details and charge then $1 for getting it cancelled have some one to sit and do those calls and get the miserable people account cancelled , looking at these comments seems like they will be willing to pay you a dollar at least πŸ˜€ and trust me if you posted this in 2013 and people are still asking you for help , you are missing on some serious business skill dude… come on….

    ok apart from that thanks for the phone number πŸ™‚ I am gona call them NOW like NOW NOW grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  50. Yuriy says:

    It’s been fun to say the least πŸ™‚ and oh yeah I am making tons of money on Google ads, lol. But seriously. I don’t understand some people. They must be trolling me, it couldn’t serious.

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