Jelly Bean: Android 4.1 on Kindle Fire

And the saga continues. Tired of Ice Cream Sandwich I decided to step up. Turning my Kindle Fire into a Jelly Bean device (same Android version run by Google’s Nexus 7) is a snap. Just go to this XDA thread and download bright shiny new CyanogenMod 10. It runs much smoother than ICS, seems a […]

iOS is ported to Kindle Fire!

Those coding wizards from XDJ-Developers have done it again! After years of supplying us with huge amounts of amazing custom ROMs for even huger amount of Android devices they performed yet another miracle which is akin to splitting the atom, since it separates what was formerly considered inseparable: Apple hardware and software. They ported iOS […]

ICS: Android 4 on Kindle Fire

Another day, another experiment on my new favorite toy business instrument – Kindle Fire. Today I went ahead and installed latest (as of this date) incarnation of Android OS – version 4 aka Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Again, like in case with CyanogenMod 7 (which is essentially Android 2.3.7) installation is extremally easy thanks to […]

CyanogenMod on Kindle Fire

Lately I’ve been posting a lot about Kindle Fire and no wonder – I love this tablet and tweaking with it. Today I went to tweaking extreme – installed a custom ROM, namely CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod is famous for being a better replacement ROM for a wide multitude of Android devices from Droid phones to Nook […]

Russian Keyboard on Kindle Fire

It used to be a bit of a pain to install a 3rd party keyboard on Kindle Fire – you had to work with SQL Lite and ADB Shell and there were a few other requirements. But thanks to Tivan from it’s down to 3 easy steps (one requirement remains: Your Kindle Fire has […]

How to comfortably read PDF books on Kindle Fire

I have tons of books on programming and many of them are accompanied by CD with the book in PDF format. A bright idea struck me – why carry around ton of bricks, when I can load electronic version onto my Kindle Fire? And it worked quite nicely, though a (very) little work required beforehand

Kindle Fire as an Android Tablet

Got my Kindle Fire. I must say – I love everything about this device. It’s fast, powerful, with a very nice screen. There’re gazillion reviews out there, I am not going to repeat them, just mention what I did to make it truly perfect. Since Fire is powered by Android OS there’s no limit to […]

ICS: Android 4 on Droid 3

From the creator of ICS: Android 4 on Kindle Fire comes another great: Cyanogen Mod 9 for Droid 3. Don’t know why the call it Alpha, I installed it on my phone and it looks, feels and works great. To flash it, your phone has to be rooted with ROM Manager installed or at least […]

Amazon Prime Instant Video is available on Android

Finally! Now Amazon Instant Videos (including Prime Videos) left the stale cradle of Kindles and Fire Phones and now available for generic android devices. If you have the Amazon shopping app – you can do a one time videoplayer install directly from it, or you can get it from Amazon App store. Details…