Infragistics UltraWebGrid grouping in code problem (solved)

I was having a real hard time with this error  – when I set grid group in in code by assigning IsGroupedBy property of a column to “true” – every other grid.databind()  was throwing error “Failed to compare two elements in the array.” Event though I cleared (or so I thought) Bands collection, Rows collection and Columns collections with their respective .Clear() methods.

The solution?

Using .Reset*() methods instead. Apparently .Clear() methods still leave some residual information within the grid, which causes the above mentioned error if you try to set grid grouping again. but


did the trick. Happy databinding!

  • Update 5/13/2009:  After upgrading to Infragistics 9.1 this solution no longer works.  Still waiting for reply from techsupport
  • Update 8/6/2009:  Service Release 2067 fixes this problem in Infragistics 9.1

2 replies on “Infragistics UltraWebGrid grouping in code problem (solved)”

  1. Thank you, Yuriy!!! None of the other suggested solutions worked for me (setting datasource to null, etc). The only thing that did work (but was technically stupid) was to re-request the page (the grid only fails on postback, so response.redirect will clear the grid completely).

  2. Glad it helped. Just don’t hurry upgrading to latest Infragistics, that solution no loner works in version 9.1. Currently they’re working on the update, but haven’t finished it yet (as of 6/16/2009).

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