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Visual Studio 2003 hangs trying open ASP.NET project from Visual SourceSafe

If you still use Visual Studio .NET 2003 (I still do for some older .NET 1.1 projects) you may experience following situation:

  1. You have an ASP.NET Web project that is controlled by Visual SourceSafe
  2. While opening the project Visual Studio 2003 hangs, stops responding to mouse clicks and keystrokes.

Fortunately there is a quick fix to that.
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Javascript: Keeping popup window always on top

I was looking for a solution ┬á(that does not involve proprietary modal dialogs) that would allow to open a popup window in JavaScript and keep it “always on top” of the opener, meaning – when user clicks outside of the popup – the popup retakes focus.
Commonly suggested solution:

<body onblur="this.focus()">

didn’t work for me since I have a form in that popup with input fields and the moment user clicks a field, popup itself loses focus, retakes it right away and user is unable to enter any data.
Fortunately I found an ingenious solution by Jim Allen that involves combination of timer-activated focus that in the same time is controlled by form’s input controls. That sounds complicated ­čÖé but in fact is just a few lines of code. Check it out!

Infragistics UltraWebTab: Accessing Tab Separator in client-side JavaScript

I am using Infragistics UltraWebTab and needed to hide a tab and a tab separator located next to it using client-side JavaScript.  Hiding tab is pretty trivial. Assuming we gave it a key:

<igtab:Tab Key="MyTab" Text="My tab">

The code to hide the tab is:

var uwTabControl = igtab_getTabById('xuwMyTabControl');
var tab = uwTabControl.tabFromKey('MyTab');

I tried to access separator in the same way but it didn’t work. You can assign it a key, but “fromKey” method works only server-side for separators. Using client-side Tabs array of UltraWebTab didn’t work either – it contains only actual tabs, not separators. But turned out you can access the separator using a little DOM and HTML
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Postback disabled/readonly Textbox that was modified in JavaScript

Let’s say in your ASP.NET application you set a TextBox control’s property ReadOnly to True (or Enabled to False) to prevent user from entering data directly. But you still want to update that text box’s value via client-side JavaScript. Which is happening, the value can be updated. ┬áBut during postback to the server – surprise, surprise! – the new value doesn’t persist. This is due to security precaution – if the value wasn’t meant to be changed – the change is not allowed. But there is a way around this.

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Method ‘System.Object CompareObjectEqual(System.Object, System.Object, Boolean)’ has no supported translation to SQL. Solution to error

I was running a basic LINQ 2 SQL statement:

From role In db.user_role _
Where role.USER_ID = Session("user_id") Select role

when I encountered following error message:

Method ‘System.Object CompareObjectEqual(System.Object, System.Object, Boolean)’ has no supported translation to SQL.

After a little research I found the solution.
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