PHPBB: Update template file by purging cache

Scenario: You’re trying to update a template file in your PHPBB 3.0.x forum, for example to include Google Adsense code into overall_header.html file to display banner on top of all the pages. But after modifying and uploading the file nothing changes, board still displays old template.

What is happening – PHPBB displays cached version of the template. Forum software caches commonly used files to improve performance. The solution is to purge cache.
Purgin Cache in PHPBB 3.0.x board
Login to your forum Administration Control Panel and click Run Now in Purge the cache section. After purging is complete changes in your template take effect.

4 replies on “PHPBB: Update template file by purging cache”

  1. hey there,
    I have run into a problem. I changed the template so as not to display the login form on my phpbb3 website. When I updated my template for the changes to take effect, i realized I couldn’t login into my ACP either. So even after I uploaded the default login file, i cant update it to re-enable login. Please help. Is there some way to ‘purge the cache’ from outside ACP, as in by editing files in the root directory.
    thanx in advance.

  2. hey I got it. ya, there is a cache folder in the root folder. all i need to do is to delete the right cache. thanx anyways.

  3. @roopam Lol, I didn’t do anything, but if voicing your question here helped you find the answer on your own, I am glad just as well 🙂 good work!

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