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UltraWebGrid in Infragistics 9 displays default column captions.

Recently I upgraded an ASP.NET project from ancient 6.3 version of Infragistics to current (at the moment) 9.2. Suddenly UltraWebGrid control began to display an unpleasant effect – columns that used to have no caption now showed what appeared to be default captions:

New look of UltraWebGrid

Looking at grid’s HTML markup I noticed that it set the caption to an empty string (showing code for one column):

<igtbl:UltraGridColumn HeaderText="">
   <Header Caption="">

Apparently it’s a new behavior in Infragistics 9.x to substitute empty captions with default column names. The solution is to set caption to a single space which, while invisible, is considered a real text caption and is not substituted by anything:

   <Header Caption=" ">

The result:

Correct look of UltraWebGrid