SSRS: How to implement build-in parameter based on external parameter passed from ReportViewer

Imagine following scenario: an SSRS report has a dropdown list “lookup” parameter based on a stored procedure. When report runs, user selects a value from the dropdown, clicks “View Report” and report is generated. The challenge is – the “lookup” parameter (and underlying stored procedure) needed to be filtered by another “filter” parameter – and this one is not available in SSRS interface, but instead is passed from ReportViewer control from an ASP.NET application.

In order to successfully implement this use case 2 items need to be addressed:

First in the report itself parameters need to be ordered in such way so “filter” comes before “dropdown”. Parameters can easily be arranged in Business Intelligent Development Studio, by expanding Parameters node, selecting a parameter, and using arrow buttons in Report Data menu.

Second in the ASP.NET application, configuring ReportViewer control (setting credentials, server URL, report path and our “filter” parameter) needs to be done in Page_Init event in the “If Not IsPostback” block.

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