D-Link DIR-655: How to make 1.35 firmware upgrade stick

If you’re trying to upgrade your D-Link DIR-655 Extreme-N Gigabit Wireless Router to the latest firmware (1.35NA US version as of this post), you may encounter a weird problem: firmware uploads without errors, router says it is being reprogrammed, but after reboot old version is displayed.

To solve it – try following these steps

  1. Save your current settings (Tools -> System -> Save Configuration) – you should do it prior any update anyway
  2. This what does the trick: On the same screen click “Restore Factory Default” – this will restore router default settings (one more reason why it’s important to do the update over wired connection)
  3. Flash your firmware
  4. Restore setting saved in Step 1 and reboot the router
  5. Profit! You’re now on the latest firmware

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