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Solution: eventArgs.get_type() incorrectly detects header of WebDataGrid in FireFox as cell

If you use CSOM of Infragistics WebDataGrid you may encounter a bug in client-side event handlers. Let’s say some action is needed on double clicking of a grid cell. The handler looks something like this:

function xMyGrid_DoubleClick(sender, eventArgs) {
   if (eventArgs.get_type() == "cell") {
      //perform action

IF condition on line 2 makes sure that action is executed only if actual grid cell is double clicked. If you double click column header, eventArgs.get_type() would return "header" and the action would be skipped.

But not in FireFox. In that browser eventArgs.get_type() returns "cell" even when header is clicked. So an additional condition is needed. Grid column header is rendered as a TH HTML element and this is what we can check:

function xMyGrid_DoubleClick(sender, eventArgs) {
   if (eventArgs.get_type() == "cell" &&  eventArgs.get_item().get_element().tagName != 'TH') {
      //perform action

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Implement “onVisible” event for HTML DOM element in JavaScript

Well, not exactly, but method described in this particular scenario can be expanded to other cases. Imagine you have a clickable element, let’s say a SPAN and when user clicks this element – it is covered by an absolutely positioned DIV with a higher z-index. In other words a dialog is displayed:

<span onclick="showDialogDiv()">Click here</span>

When user closes the dialog – your SPAN needs to detect this event, to perform some functions (refresh data on the page etc.) but you have no control over function that closes the DIV, so you can’t hook into it. All you know is that DIV’s display style is set to “none” when this happens. It would be cool if there was an “onvisible” event so you could do something like

<span onclick="showDialogDiv()" onvisible="performAction()">Click here</span>

but there’s no such event, so we need to simulate it. Which is surprisingly easy:

<span onclick="showDialogDiv(); var i=setInterval(function(){if ($('xdivDialog').style.display=="none") {clearInterval(i);performAction()}},1000)">Click here</span>

Basically when user clicks the SPAN to show the dialog – at the same time a timer is started that regularly checks visibility of the dialog DIV (whether it’s style display became “none” again). Once this is detected, that means opener SPAN is visible again – timer is stopped and function to handle event is called.

Solution for Infragistics WebDataGrid filtering error “Length cannot be less than zero”

Infragistics WebDataGrid/WHDG controls for ASP.NET offer nice filtering features. Out of the box you just have to enable the behavior and badabingo:

WebDataGrid filtering

There is one glitch though in the way text filtering is implemented: If you enter an empty string as a filter value – an error is thrown:

Async refresh failed. Length cannot be less than zero

Apparently internal grid code cannot handle empty strings (as of version 12.2) so we have to take matter in our own hands.
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