Free Gigabit Internet over power lines!

Internet over power lines

Everybody heard the story of how town of Santa Clara, CA is now offering all of its resident free Wi-Fi. It’s a really good news and hopefully a beginning of a trend. But a small borough in Northern New Jersey went even further.

Everybody knows how unreliable Wi-Fi could be. An tall building here, an interference there and your connection bars disappear. Despite recent advances in Wi-Fi technology (for example emerging 802.11ac standard) nothing really beats wired connection.

The authorities of Honest Meadow, NJ came to a brilliant realization. We already have a perfect distribution net that leads to every house in town – the power grid! There’s no cost to lay in additional cables or perform specific wiring inside or outside the house. And the cost saving can be passed to the residents, at a very attractive monthly price of … free! All they have to do is purchase (for a nominal fee) a small adapter from the local utility company, plug that adapter into wall outlet – and bingo! instant wired Ethernet connection.

As an added bonus – electric wiring is capable of a much higher throughput comparing to traditional phone lines, coax cables and even fiber. Thus an unheard of before speed of 1GBps is now available to all people in Honest Meadow.

The town is already know for its peaceful, quiet neighborhoods and a great school system. If you needed another reason to move in there – you just got one.

Happy surfing!

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