Locket: Get paid just for unlocking your screen

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This is actually very cool, the company called Locket had a very novel idea: What do million of Android users do most often with their phones? Play games? Browse the Web? No! Unlock the phone.

That Lock screen is a prime real estate and they decided – why not display beautiful ads there? And the ads are very good indeed, a lot better than most wallpapers I’ve seen. And for every unlock swipe you get 1 cent. You’re doing it dozens times a day anyway – why not get paid for it?

Locket is an Android app that replaces your lock screen.

From the site:

Here’s How Locket Works:

Open your phone, and you’ll see an ad.

Swipe Left
to engage with an ad, claim a deal or watch a trailer.


Swipe Right
to go straight to your phone like you always do.

Either way, you get paid. Because the lock screen is the most valuable space in advertising. And you own it.

Join the club! Get Locket.

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