Say no to flash Just say no. And tell your kids never to use this piece of junk. And not only because its obsolete and has been replaced by HTML5 long ago. It also promotes bloatware and malware.

I got a prompt from my current Flash player that an update is available. So I ran the update – first it tried to download and install that bloatware of McAfee and only failed because connection to McAfee site failed. But that wasn’t all.

After install finished, I found that my browser was hijacked by “Trovi” malware – start page, search engine etc. And this was done by official installer from Adobe site! Wtf?!

Bye Flash, you won’t be missed.

2 replies on “SAY NO TO FLASH!”

  1. Adobe Flash needs to be ended. The CryptoWall virus is now infecting PCs when the user merely “mouses over) an infected Flash ad. Can you look at an ad and tell it is infected? Nope. But this news was posted by CyberHeist News just a few days ago. This is real folks. And only Chrome and Firefox can be setup to disallow “mouse-over”, activate links only by clicking. Flash and IE can go down the same tube!

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