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Jelly Bean: Android 4.1 on Kindle Fire

By , August 9, 2012 4:54 pm

And the saga continues. Tired of Ice Cream Sandwich I decided to step up. Turning my Kindle Fire into a Jelly Bean device (same Android version run by Google’s Nexus 7) is a snap. Just go to this XDA thread and download bright shiny new CyanogenMod 10.

Jelly Bean on Kindle Fire

It runs much smoother than ICS, seems a lot faster and more streamlined. There’re a lot of small things (like lockscreen trailing your finger) that make everyday tablet use a lot more enjoyable.

Jelly Bean on Kindle Fire Got a few new features as well, Google Now being one of the coolest one. As you continue to use your tablet, it learns your ways and begins supply you with useful array of information – from weather and traffic of your commute, to appointments and your favorite sports teams.

It doesn’t support Flash anymore, but with the advance of HTML5 Flash becomes more and more irrelevant in such areas as gaming and video. Major apps (Google Chrome, ROM Manager, Titanium Backup etc.) love Jelly Bean and runs perfect under Android 4.1.

Even new Optimum app released exclusively for Kindle Fire runs fine under Jelly Bean (yes sometimes I get so lazy so even finding a TV remote seems as too much of an effort and on Kindle I can watch my cable without getting up).

So, if you haven’t already done so – do yourself a favor and turn your Kindle fire from nothing more than an Amazon shopping cart into a full blown Android tablet, capable of many amazing things.

Disclaimer: Do it at your own risk. I am speaking from personal experience, but I am not responsible if you brick your device.

iOS is ported to Kindle Fire!

By , April 1, 2012 12:01 am

Apple iOS running on Amazon Kindle Fire
Those coding wizards from XDJ-Developers have done it again! After years of supplying us with huge amounts of amazing custom ROMs for even huger amount of Android devices they performed yet another miracle which is akin to splitting the atom, since it separates what was formerly considered inseparable: Apple hardware and software.

They ported iOS to Kindle Fire.

Don’t expect it to be the latest version though (iOS 6 as of time of this post) for that you will have to wait couple hours. For now be content with 5.1 – it’s well worth it. iOS 5.1 runs very smoothly on Kindle Fire, in tests pretty much everything lives up to high standards we used to expect from Apple, just about only app that wouldn’t run is Fruit Slice, I can’t imagine why.

Being an early beta build, it still has a few quirks. For example sometimes, if you launch iTunes, you end up in Amazon MP3 Store and on very rare occasions in some place called “Tower Records” (must be phantom growing pains) but XDJ-Developers are hard at work to eradicate those.

So rejoice closet Apple fans! No longer you have to pretend to like cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, froyo, gingerbread, honeycombs, ice cream sandwiches and the rest of those high calory desserts. Time for a healthy diet of fruit!

ICS: Android 4 on Kindle Fire

By , January 11, 2012 9:34 pm

Ice Cream Sandwitch on Kindle Fire

Another day, another experiment on my new favorite toy business instrument – Kindle Fire. Today I went ahead and installed latest (as of this date) incarnation of Android OS – version 4 aka Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Again, like in case with CyanogenMod 7 (which is essentially Android 2.3.7) installation is extremally easy thanks to TWRP recovery. Just download Kindle Zone ICS ROM put it on your Fire, reboot into TWRP recovery, *backup your existing rom* and flash the ICS.

It boots nicely and looks pretty good. Connects to WiFi with Internet and LAN access (ES File Explorer comes preinstalled and accessed SMB shares on my home network with no problems).

Being a very early version it has it share of problems. Video doesn’t work correctly (MP4 files for example play in fast-forward mode, YouTube can’t connect). Sounds work sporadically and overall moving around the interface has a jerky feeling. But it looks like a very good start and I am looking forward to a more stable release. Meanwhile I am back to CM7

UPDATE 02/18/2012. Now this is what the doctor ordered. The new update from the same XDA forum thread as above breathed new life into my Kindle. Basically, everything works. And it looks awesome! Here is direct link to the ROM. So now this is my OS of choice for my Fire. Did I mention it’s Cyanogen Mod 9? Did I also mention that there’s Google Chrome now available on Android Marked for Ice Cream Sandwich?

Ice Cream Sandwich on Kindle Fire

CyanogenMod on Kindle Fire

By , January 6, 2012 9:51 pm

CyanogenMod on Kindle Fire Lately I’ve been posting a lot about Kindle Fire and no wonder – I love this tablet and tweaking with it.

Today I went to tweaking extreme – installed a custom ROM, namely CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod is famous for being a better replacement ROM for a wide multitude of Android devices from Droid phones to Nook tablets. And finally it made its way to Kindle Fire. Installing it turned out to be surprisingly easy – first, using Kindle Fire Utility root your Fire and install TWRP Recovery – very useful instrument not only for installing new ROMs but also for backing up and restoring your existing one in case something goes wrong. Second, download latest CyanogenMod in form of “” and place into temp/download folder of your Fire. And lastly reboot into TWRP recovery, browse for the ZIP and install it.

CyanogenMod didn’t let down, it was perfect as usual – fast, highly customizable, this one specifically build for Fire with its lack of hardware buttons. It has many wonderful features (for example picture in this post is, unlike previous posts, is a direct screenshot from my Fire, “take a screenshot” is one of the options appearing in menu when you press and hold power button).

It has everything. The only drawback for me is, for the love of it, I couldn’t make Amazon Instant Video app work in this mod. The issue is widely discussed on the Interwebs, multiple possible solutions are offered, but none worked for me. And since Prime Instant Videos is the only original Fire feature that I use – I had to return back to rooted stock Amazon ROM with ADW launcher (thanks TWRP for making ROM backup and recovery a very simple experience). Until working version of Amazon Instant Video is bundled with Cyanogen – I am keeping the stock.
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Russian Keyboard on Kindle Fire

By , January 5, 2012 10:54 pm

Russian Keyboard on Kindle Fire

It used to be a bit of a pain to install a 3rd party keyboard on Kindle Fire – you had to work with SQL Lite and ADB Shell and there were a few other requirements. But thanks to Tivan from it’s down to 3 easy steps (one requirement remains: Your Kindle Fire has to be rooted with Android Market app installed). Continue reading 'Russian Keyboard on Kindle Fire'»

How to comfortably read PDF books on Kindle Fire

By , December 19, 2011 3:26 pm

I have tons of books on programming and many of them are accompanied by CD with the book in PDF format. A bright idea struck me – why carry around ton of bricks, when I can load electronic version onto my Kindle Fire? And it worked quite nicely, though a (very) little work required beforehand

PDF on Kindle Fire
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Kindle Fire as an Android Tablet

By , December 16, 2011 10:14 am

Got my Kindle Fire. I must say – I love everything about this device. It’s fast, powerful, with a very nice screen. There’re gazillion reviews out there, I am not going to repeat them, just mention what I did to make it truly perfect.

Since Fire is powered by Android OS there’s no limit to what can be done with it.

Amazon Kindle Fire as an Android TabletFirst, I rooted it. Mostly I did it so I can install Android Market. Amazon’s own AppStore is nice and all, but very limited comparing to Android Market (even if it has Market’s apps, usually they’re a few versions behind). Beware though – if you root your Fire, you will lose video streaming capabilities from Amazon, so what I did – rooted, installed Market, unrooted (luckily it’s a one-click operation with rooting app).

Second, even though I like Fire’s home screen with the carousel and everything, I am used to more traditional Android display, so I installed ADW Launcher and got 5 home screens, app drawer and all the bells and whistles. And still kept all Fire capabilities (Amazon video, music & books) via pre-installed apps, now available in app drawer.

And last, I installed Dolphin Browser HD to use instead of preinstalled Silk web browser, since Dolphin is much more capable, and superb FBReader to read my own collection of ebooks. Those two apps are permanently docked in my home screen.

I could go on and on, about how you can stream your own music and videos from your home PC via GMote app, how you can now install GMail, YouTube and any other Google app etc. etc. but that would take forever. The conclusion: Fire is an Android tablet and capable of anything Android Tablet can do.

ICS: Android 4 on Droid 3

By , February 20, 2012 11:46 pm

Ice Cream Sandwitch on Droid 3

From the creator of ICS: Android 4 on Kindle Fire comes another great: Cyanogen Mod 9 for Droid 3. Don’t know why the call it Alpha, I installed it on my phone and it looks, feels and works great.

To flash it, your phone has to be rooted with ROM Manager installed or at least ClockworkMod Recovery flashed. Download latest version of the ROM here (Bookmark that URL and come back for fresh builds). Scroll down to Droid 3 section, download the ROM and Google Apps onto your phone’s SD card. Don’t download XT860 patch if your model is not XT860 otherwise you will lose 3G service.

Reboot your phone into Recovery, backup your current ROM, wipe System, Data and Cache, locate 2 downloaded ZIPs and flash ROM and immediately after, without reboot – GApps. Reboot your phone, sign in to your Google account and enjoy.

Thanks, Hashcode, for developing really cool things; Verizon… well it’s 2012, wake up?

Amazon Prime Instant Video is available on Android

By , September 9, 2014 9:17 am

Amazon Prime on Android

Finally! Now Amazon Instant Videos (including Prime Videos) left the stale cradle of Kindles and Fire Phones and now available for generic android devices. If you have the Amazon shopping app – you can do a one time videoplayer install directly from it, or you can get it from Amazon App store. Details…

Amazon Prime Instant Video on Android

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