Running older games under Windows 7/Vista

If you have Windows 7 (or, God forbid, Vista) and trying to run games designed for older Windows version, you may experience 2 issues – game crashes on start and game starts, but displays weird colors. Classic example is “Worms Armageddon”.

Worms Armageddon

If you experience the first issue (game doesn’t start) and trying different compatibility modes doesn’t help, chances are your screen resolution is so high that you had to enable high DPI text scaling for your display. If that the case, in your game compatibility mode check the last option “Disable display scaling on high DPI setting

If you encounter the second issue (weird colors) it means that something steals Windows color palette, and most likely it’s Windows Explorer. So killing “explorer.exe” process in Task Manager will solve this issue. Don’t worry about windows Task Bar and icons disappearing, you can always restart Explorer later on using “New Task” in Task Manager.

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